200zgb Ash and Sludge Slurry Pump for Coal Industries Electrick Power Metallurgy

200zgb Ash and Sludge Slurry Pump for Coal Industries   Electrick Power  Metallurgy

200ZGB  Ash and Sludge Slurry Pump for  Coal CZPT / CZPTtrick Power/ Metallurgy

CZPT® factory of slurry pump , gravel sand pump , dredging pump and spare elements.CZPT can be your china manufacturing unit.Welcome to contact me for catalogue.   

The Pumps and Spare Elements can entirely interchange with AH HH M L SP AF G Series.

ZGB slurry pump


In order to fulfill the requirements on the advancement of the electric electrical power, metallurgy and coal industries, our works has designed and designed series ZJG(p) up-to-date era slurry pump with large ability,

Large Head, multi-phase in sequence to remove ash& sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture , based on the experience of slurry pump layout and manufacture for several years.And abstracting the investigation results of advanced technology from property and overseas.

CAD present day design and style,super hydraulic efficiency,higher efficiency and lower abrasion price

Wide passage, non-clogging and good overall performance of NPSH
Expeller seal merged with packing seal and mechanical seal have been adopted to assure the slurry from leakage

Reliability style assures prolonged MTBF(imply time in between functions)

The metric bearing with oil lubrication, reasonable lubricating and cooling techniques make sure the bearing to be operated beneath the minimal temperature

The materials of wet areas have the excellent efficiency of anti-donning and anticorrosion.


The pump can be used for seawater ash taking away to stop it from the corrosion of seawater, salt, and mist, and electrochemical corrosion

The Pumps can be operated in sequence with multi-stage wthin permissible pressure.The permissible greatest working strain is3.6Mpa.The series of pump has the edge of affordable development, Substantial effectiveness, dependable operation and simple upkeep.It can be widely employed for handling the mixture includes of abrasive and corrosive solids in electrical power , metallurgy, mine , coal, constructional content and chemical industry departments

Normal Applications

Handling The Combination CZPT Solids
CZPTtric Energy
Mine Coal
CZPTal Materials
Type Notation

For 200ZGB(P)
two hundred:Discharge Dia 200mm
ZGB :Large Head Slurry Pump
P:Multi-phase Pumps(3-4 Stage) ,(one-2 Stage without the mark)


Design Power P(KW) Flow Q(m³/h) Head H(m) Speed n(r/min) Max Eff η% NPSH(m) Impeller Dia  (mm) Weight (kg)
65ZGB 30-fifty five 56-one hundred twenty 61-58 1480 forty seven-62 4.five-three 390 1850
eleven-fifteen 37-seventy six 25-26 980 forty seven-sixty two 2.-one.three 1850
80ZGB ninety-132 one hundred-210 ninety one-87 1480 48-sixty six five.two-2.7 485 2500
22-37 sixty eight-135 forty-38 980 48-sixty six one.2-2.three 2500
75-ninety ninety three-187 seventy seven-73 1480 forty eight-66 4.4-two.3 445 2500
eighteen.five-30 61-126 34-32 980 48-66 1.nine-1. 2500
fifty five-75 82-168 63-59 1480 48-66 three.5-1.eight four hundred 2500
15-18.5 55-a hundred and fifteen 27-26 980 48-sixty six 1.5-.8 2500
100ZGB 132-200 209-420 ninety three-eighty five 1480 57-seventy eight 6-two.six five hundred 3000
37-seventy five 139-278 forty-37 980 fifty seven-seventy eight two.7-two.one 3000
90-one hundred sixty 187-378 seventy eight-sixty eight 1480 57-seventy eight four.9-two.one 450 3000
30-forty five 125-252 33-thirty 980 fifty seven-seventy eight 2.one-one.1 3000
75-one hundred ten 168-336 59-fifty five 1480 57-78 3.eight-one.seven 400 3000
eighteen.five-thirty one hundred ten-230 26-24 980 57-78 one.seven-.eight 3000
150ZGB 185-315 360-720 92-86 980 53-78 3.eight-2.7 740 3450
ninety-160 272-544 fifty two-forty nine 740 fifty three-78 two.2-one.5 3450
one hundred sixty-250 328-656 80-74 980 fifty three-78 3.three-two.3 685 3450
seventy five-110 252-505 forty six-42 740 fifty three-78 1.9-one.3 3450
110-200 305-610 67-64 980 53-78 two.eight-one.one 630 3450
55-ninety 233-466 38-36 740 fifty three-78 1.six-.six 3450
200ZGB 355-450 600-1000 ninety six-92 980 seventy six-63 6.7-2.seven 740 4000
160-250 475-870 fifty five-fifty three 740 seventy six-63 three.eight-one.five 4000
280-four hundred 560-950 81-77 980 76-sixty three 60.-two.4 700 4000
132-two hundred 450-839 forty eight-forty six 740 76-63 3.four-1.4 4000
220-250 519-940 68-sixty four 980 76-sixty three five.-two. 640 4000
one hundred ten-160 389-800 forty one-39 740 seventy six-sixty three 2.nine-one.one 4000
250ZGB five hundred-560 704-1408 ninety five-eighty five 980 seventy eight-sixty three seven.3-3.three 740 4500
185-250 524-1050 fifty four-49 740 seventy eight-63 four.two-one.9  
355-450 648-1296 82-74 980 78-63 7.one-3. 700 4500
160-two hundred 493-985 47-44 740 78-sixty three four.-1.7 4500
250-355 597-1193 69-64 980 seventy eight-sixty three five.5-two.five 645 4500
one hundred ten-160 453-907 40-36 740 78-sixty three three.1-1.4 4500
300ZGB 450-710 960-1919 ninety five-86 980 81-sixty eight six.9-3.5 760 5500
200-355 724-1450 fifty four-forty nine 740 eighty one-68 3.nine-2.  
355-560 888-1775 82-seventy three 980 eighty one-68 five.9-three. 703 5500
160-280 640-1341 42-46 740 eighty one-sixty eight three.4-one.7 5500
280-five hundred 816-1632 69-sixty two 980 81-sixty eight 5.-2.5 646 5500
132-220 616-1232 39-35 740 81-68 two.nine-1.4 5500

Composition of ZGB Slurry Pump

NaiPu Main Pump Model 

Metallic Liner Heavy Obligation Slurry Pump AH Type
1.five/1B-AH 2/1.5B-AH three/2C-AH 4/3C-AH four/3D-AH 6/4D-AH 6/4DD-AH six/4E-AH 8/6E-AH 8/6F-AH 10/8ST-AH ten/8F-AH twelve/10ST-AH twelve/10G-AH 12/10F-AH fourteen/12ST-AH 14/12G-AH 16/14TU-AH 20/18TV-AH
Metallic Liner Vertical Slurry Pump SP TYPE 

40PV-SP 65QV-SP 100RV-SP 150SV-SP 200SV-SP 250SV-SP

Metallic Liner Higher Head slurry pump HH TYPE 

one.five/1C-HH 3/2d-HH 3/2DD-HH four/3E-HH four/3EE-HH six/4F-HH six/4x- HH 6S-H eight/6S-H eight/6X-H 6S-HP eight/6S-HP eight/6X-HP

Steel Liner (CZPT Liner)Slurry Pump M TYPE 

10/8E-M(R) 10/8R-M(R)

Metal Liner (CZPT Liner)Frothy Slurry Pump AF TYPE 


Metallic Liner Gravel Pump G TYPE 

6/4D-G 8/6E-G 10/8F-G ten/8S-G twelve/10F-G twelve/10G-G 14/12G-G ten/8S-GH ten/8F-GH 12/10G-GH twelve/10F-GH  14/12G-G fourteen/12T-G 18/sixteen T-G 

Metallic Liner (CZPT Liner ) Slurry Pump L TYPE 

20A-L 50B-L 50B-LR 75C-L 100D-L 150E-L 300S-L

Primary Slurry Pump Parts :

Impeller , Volute Liner , Casing , ThroatBush, Body Plate Liner Insert , Cover Plate , Frame Plate, Pump Liner Expeller , Expeller Ring ,Stuffing Box , Expeller , Pump Shaft , shaft sleeve, Shaft Spacer, Bearing Assembly , Base, Stuffing Box, Gland Assembly, Bearing Housing , Lantern Ring , pump discharge pipe , flange , and so on.


The areas are broadly employed in Main Programs: Large Aggregate Processing Primary CZPT Slurry Service Food Processing Functions Handling Transport Transportation Meals Explosive Sludge In Steel Heavy Refuse Removing Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Programs Procedure CZPT Mixing etc.

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200zgb Ash and Sludge Slurry Pump for Coal Industries   Electrick Power  Metallurgy


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