30m3 H Diesel Miniature Portable Mortar Concrete Pump

30m3 H Diesel Miniature Portable Mortar Concrete Pump

30m3/H Diesel Fuel Miniature Concrete Secondary Structural Column Pump Portable Mortar Concrete Pump

Descripption about Concrete Pump                                                                 

Concrete pump, also identified as concrete pump, is composed of a pump human body and a conveying pipe. It is a variety of machinery that employs strain to continuously transport concrete together pipes. It is primarily utilised in home building, bridges and tunnel development. At current, it is primarily divided into gate valve concrete pump and S valve concrete pump. One more is to set up the pump human body on the chassis of the auto, and then equip the pump with a telescopic or inflected cloth boom.

Functions of the Concrete Pump                                                                       
Electrical power program:
one. Making use of CZPT CZPT brand name of Oil pump
two. Employing well-identified motor (30KW) from China.

Major pumping method:
one.Employing Learn Cylinder of ZheJiang XIELI and Concrete Cylinder of HangZhou ZHONGHONG. hydraulic grout pump
two. Open-loop hydraulic circuit.

Mixing program:
one. Making use of cycloid motor from Gold supplier in China..
two. Employing super-resistant mixing blade shaft with pedal-fashion.
three. The hardness of remaining and proper axle HB250-280 following quenched treatment. The thickness of the surface nitride is a lot more than .3mm, and the floor hardness is a lot more than HB550. hydraulic grout pump

CZPT and filtration units:
one. Using oil filter from HangZhou LEXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. that Zoomlion utilised. The filtration precision of primary pump suction filter is ten.
2. Coolers from airline goods are of dependable high quality and excellent warmth dissipation.hydraulic grout pump

CZPT piping and valve:
1. Employing imported Italian MANULI oil pipe.
two. Employing hydraulic handle valve from the China XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. company.

CZPTtronic manage systems:
one. Making use of AC contractors and manage buttons from China CZPT manufacturer. 
2. Utilizing Intermediate relay from JAPAN Omron.
3. Using GSK proximity switches from Germany.

Lower Charges and Extensive Adaptability                                                                    

CZPT CZPT-preserving Tech
New-generation energy-conserving technology and computerized changes of the motor and energy dependent on load tends to make each and every fall of gasoline generate robust power, reducing 25% of vitality intake.

Wear Resisting Parts
Discharge port, dress in plate and cutting ring, concrete piston and supply cylinder undertake Sino-Germany high-tech components and sophisticated engineering to significantly improve the item overall performance.

Broad Adaptability
Able of functioning underneath any problem from -22°C to 55°C, working continuously for up to 12 several hours, can handle any fluid, pumping of tough concrete like B90, C150, and 3-gradation concrete and even pump resources this sort of as silt, slag, squander components, and mortar.

Strain CZPTence Sensing & Reversing CZPT Technique
With force distinction sensing and reversing technologies, in addition to electro-hydraulic proportional buffering technologies, the pump is ready to filter impurities self-cyclically with an open up-variety technique, maintaining the hydraulic oil clean and cooled. This aids improve program performance, mitigate abrasion among components, thus prolonging the pump’s services existence and reducing upkeep expenses.

CZPTally Retracted Double-piston
Only 1 button is required to retract two concrete pistons into the water tank. This cuts the time for substitute and routine maintenance in half, generating day-to-day maintenance more practical.

Big-circulation Higher-efficiency Primary Valve Method
The method adopts higher-stress, big-circulation, and electro-hydraulic precision management principal valve, as effectively as an built-in valve bank with an optimized runner design. The system is able to sport a short reversing time, minimal pressure decline, cooler temperatures, and high trustworthiness for the user.

CZPT Control                                                                                           

Back-up Program
When the peripheral take a look at loop incurs faults for the duration of the construction method, “Obligatory” pump procedure can be activated for unexpected emergency handling.

Improved Functionality
Use a committed pumping movement controller that integrates a traditional pumping algorithm and function libraries, ensuing in an increased arithmetic pace and all round improved functionality.

Successful Pump System                                                                                      

A CZPTer, Much more Successful Design and style
Force distinction sensing and reversing engineering, as well as major oil pump electrical proportional manage buffering technologies to lower reversing time. As such, SANY pump is capable optimize the main oil cylinder and swing cylinder buffering & reversing time matching, resulting in incredibly large-efficiency pumping.

Effective Mixing Motor Handles Everything
Compelled feeding by big-displacement and huge-torque steel ball motor. The motor mixes generally when there is an aggregate difference and the hopper is heightened, preventing the mixing motor from obtaining stuck and enhancing mixture absorption performance.

Large-bore Reversing Cylinder
SANY’s pumping technique makes use of a huge-bore reversing cylinder to make reversing powerful and fully avoid pipe blocking.

Enhanced Hopper, Improved Effectivity
The new hopper optimizes the hopper’s internal cavity to enhance the aggregate absorbing effectiveness, guard in opposition to aggregate inapplicability, and simply handle high-problems concrete.

CZPT Parameters about Concrete Pump                                                  

 CZPT parameters of trailer mounted concrete pump
Product HBT601390ES HBT6016110ES HBT801390ES
Maximum through(m³/h) 67/43 65/forty one eighty/fifty three
Shipping and delivery Stress(Mpa) thirteen/seven 16/eleven thirteen/seven
Shipping and delivery Length V/H(m) 280/1200 350/1500 280/1200
Distribution Price S-Tube valve
Conveyor cylinder(mm) Ф200*1600 Ф200*1600 Ф200*1800
Hopper volume(m³) .eight
Rated electrical power(kw) ninety one hundred ten 90
Rated motor velocity(r/min) 1480
CZPT tank ability(L) 500
Excess weight(kg) 5800 6000 6000
Dimensions(mm) 6000*2100*2250


CZPT parameters of trailer mounted concrete pump
Design HBT8013110ES HBT8018132ES HBT8016110ES
Greatest through(m³/h) 86/sixty eighty three/56 eighty/60
Shipping and delivery Pressure(Mpa) 13 7 18 11 sixteen eleven
Supply Length V/H(m) 310/1400 370/1800 350/1500
Distribution Value S-Tube valve
Conveyor cylinder(mm) Ф200*1800
Hopper quantity(m³) .8 .8 .7
Rated power(kw) a hundred and ten 132 110
Rated motor pace(r/min) 1480
CZPT tank capacity(L) five hundred
Bodyweight(kg) 6000 6500 6200
Proportions(mm) 6300*2100*2250

Real Images about Concrete Pump                                                                
Details about Concrete Pump                                                                           

Circumstance about Concrete Pump                                                                              

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30m3 H Diesel Miniature Portable Mortar Concrete Pump


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