Advanced Ceramic Piston Pump for Laboratory Experiment

Advanced Ceramic Piston Pump for Laboratory Experiment

Solution Feture
1&time period Substantial measurement accuracy for really specific quantitative spit&period
2&period Usefull to transport very fast settling velocity abrasive slurry liquid&time period
three&period of time Can be employed for injection of the vacuum container&comma even if the suction side and the discharge facet strain is unstable&comma accurate quantitation can be injected&time period
4&period Easy to manage&comma no liquid leakage&period of time
5&time period Compact&comma is excellent for a different devices pump&period

Materials Description
Zirconia has the optimum energy and toughness at room temperature of all the sophisticated ceramic resources&period The good grain size makes it possible for for very smooth surfaces and sharp edges&period of time
Applications consist of scissors&comma knifes&comma slitters&comma pump shafts&comma steel-forming tools&comma fixtures&comma tweezers&comma wire drawing rings&comma bearing sleeves and valves

Use of Metering Pumps
Precison addition&comma microscale sampling&comma cleansing&comma code spraying&comma precision spraying and so on&time period
Illustrations of Use
&astCZPT CZPT&colon Dialyzator&comma blood analyser&semi
&astCleaning CZPT&colon Injection of cleaning agent or chemical bleaching agent&semi
&astFuel Mobile&colon Pure h2o injection&semi
&astFood CZPT&colon Quantitative injection of foods additives or essence&comma sampling&semi
&astPaper-generating CZPT&colon Quantitative injection of chemical agent or dye&semi
&astCapacitance&colon Addition of phosphoric acid remedy
&astCZPTium CZPTery&colon Addition of electrolyte

About UniPreTec
UniPreTec supplies higher-overall performance ceramic goods in Alumina&comma Zirconia&comma Zirconia Toughened Alumina&comma Silicon Carbide&comma Silicon Nitride and even more unique resources&interval Together with these components&comma we supply several machining from which to choose this kind of as chopping&comma drilling&comma sawing&comma turning&comma grinding&comma sprucing etc&time period&interval&periodFurthermore&comma our technologies and equipments permit us to supply various and flexible forming procedures&comma like dry urgent&comma isostatic urgent&comma extrusion&comma injection moulding and slip casting&period

Qualities Device ninety five Al2O3 99 Al2O3 ZrO2 GPSi3N4 BN Glass Ceramic
Crystal Structure hexagonal hexagonal tetragonal hexagonal hexagonal
Color white ivory white grey white white
Density g/cm³ 3.sixty five 3.88 five.95 three.22 two.26 2.55
Water Absorption % .-one.
Young’s Modulus Gpa 280 350 205 295 670 sixty five
CZPT Hardness Gpa fourteen twenty 12 18-twenty
Flexural CZPT Mpa 280 300 900 650 fifty one one hundred
Compressive CZPT Mpa 2000 2500 2200 2200 230 500
Thermal Conductivity  W/(m•K) eighteen-twenty five thirty 2.2 25 20 one.70
Thermal shock resistance ΔT(C°) 220 one hundred eighty-200 280-350 450-650 >1500 twenty five-100
Max. Working Temperature  1500 1700 850 1200 960 800
Volume Resistivity Ω . cm >10^fifteen >10^14 >10^12 >10^14 ten^thirteen ten^sixteen
Dielectric Constant nine.50 nine.80 26 eight.twenty four.08 six.02
Dielectric CZPT kV/mm 16 22 sixteen 375 40

Advanced Ceramic Piston Pump for Laboratory Experiment


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