Anti-Corrosive Teflon Lining Chemical Pump

Anti-Corrosive Teflon Lining Chemical Pump

IHF Anti-corrosive Teflon Lining CZPT Pump is manufactured according to the intercontinental CZPTs and combining nonmetal pump style approach. Pump body adopt metallic casing lining FEP (F46), pump protect, impeller and bushings use metal embedded areas coating fluorine plastic sintering, shaft seals use out-equipped sort superior bellows mechanical seal, static ring select ninety nine.nine% alumina ceramics (or si3n4), rotating ring adopt F4 filled material, its anti-corrosion and put on-resisting capacity is incredibly great.

Genuine use confirmed that the pump has the advantages of anti-corrosion and wear-resisting, large temperature resistant, not ageing, large mechanical power, secure operation, sophisticated composition, reliable sealed efficiency, basic disassemble and upkeep, extended support daily life and so forth.

IHF fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is extensively accepted by its anti-corrosion and use-resistance positive aspects, is broadly employed in chemical, generating acid, alkali production, smelting, pesticide, dye, drugs, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, scientific investigation establishments, national protection market and other industries conveying arbitrary focus of acid, alkali, oil, the uncommon and treasured liquids, toxic liquid, volatile chemical medium. It is currently one of the most well-known pump.


Design n=2900r/min n=1450r/min
H (m) Energy(kw) NPSH(m) Eff.(%) Q  (m3/h) H (m) Power(kw) NPSH(m) Eff. (%)
IHF40-25-one hundred twenty five 6.three 20 one.5 three 41     5 .fifty five three 35
IHF40-25-a hundred and sixty 6.3 32 2.2 three 36 3.two 8 .55 three thirty
IHF40-twenty five-two hundred six.3 50 four 3 thirty 3.2 twelve.5 .75 three twenty five
IHF50-32-a hundred twenty five twelve.five 20 2.two three 51 6.3 5 .fifty five three 45
IHF50-32-160 12.5 32 four three forty six 6.3 eight .fifty five three 40
IHF50-32-200 twelve.five 50 7.five 3 39 six.three 12.five three 33
IHF65-50-one hundred twenty five 25 20 three 3.five 62 twelve.five five .55 3.5 fifty five
IHF65-50-a hundred and sixty 25 32 five.5 3.five 57 twelve.five eight three.five 51
IHF65-40-200 25 50 eleven three.five 52 12.5 twelve.five one.five three.five forty six
IHF80-65-a hundred twenty five 50 twenty 5.5 four 69 twenty five five 1.1 four sixty four
IHF80-65-one hundred sixty 50 32 eleven 4 sixty seven twenty five 8 one.5 4 sixty two
IHF80-50-200 50 50 15 four 63 25 twelve.five two.two four 57
IHF100-eighty-one hundred twenty five one hundred 20 11 four.five 77 fifty 5 one.five 4.5 seventy four
IHF100-eighty-160 100 32 fifteen four.five seventy three fifty eight two.two four.five sixty nine
IHF100-sixty five-200 100 50 30 four.five seventy three fifty 12.5 5.5 four.five sixty eight
IHF125-80-one hundred sixty one hundred sixty 32 30 five 70 80 8 5.five 5 74
IHF125-100-two hundred 200 fifty fifty five 5 65 a hundred twelve.five 11 5 71
IHF125-one hundred-250                     one hundred twenty 7.5 five 67
IHF125-one hundred-315                     one hundred 32 fifteen 5 68
IHF150-a hundred twenty five-250                     200 20 18.5 five.five 69
IHF150-a hundred twenty five-315                     200 32 30 5.five 71
IHF200-150-315                   four hundred 32 seventy five seven.five sixty three

Anti-Corrosive Teflon Lining Chemical Pump


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