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Item Description

Skid mounted cementing gear is primarily used in offshore or distant locations on land, these kinds of as desert the place the autos are hard to get to. 3 kinds of key cementing plunger pumps of TPA400, TPH400 or TPB600 and assortment of plunger dimension can be picked in accordance to various working conditions. The unit is completely regarded the anticorrosion for offshore software. Zone-II explosion-evidence device is also developed, for the characteris­tics of offshore platform
one. Overview
With the climbing security requirements of worldwide and domestic rules for functioning at likely dangerous area, specifically in the final current many years, many worldwide oil businesses call for support businesses or makers to offer the oil equipments working beneath Zone-ll atmosphere. Throughout the actual oil drilling procedure, especially on offshore drilling system, the equipment is unavoidable to be in this harzardous atmosphere because of the restriction of website and set up.

To fulfill the specifications of global and domestic market place, PCS-522B Offshore Explosion-proof Cementing Skid is the recently produced cementing tools which can function underneath Zone-ll surroundings.
TPD600 or TPH400 plunger pump can be selected in accordance to various running conditions and procedure behavior.

two. Standard specification (TPH400 pump)
Max. strain: 95.2MPa (fourteen,000Psi, W/4″ fluid end)
Max. movement: 3.04m3/min (W/tow 4’/2″ fluid end)
Density variety: 1.3-2.5g/cmthree
Car management precision: +/-.02 g/cm3
Mixing ability: .3-2.3mthree/min
Operating ambient temperature: -20OC-fiftyOC
Total dimension (mm): 8000(L) x 2600(W)x 3100(H)
Net excess weight: 27,000kg


3. Engine explosion-evidence

  1. Choose mechanical gasoline provide diesel motor 3406C according to the attributes of offshore platform, undertake air manage technique to run engine, this sort of as: air commence, air control throttle operation, shutoff, and so on.
  2. Drinking water cooled exhaust manifolds and turbocharger, drinking water cooled flexible pipe Developed to guarantee the surface temperature underneath T3 (200°C)
  3. Crankcase breather with integral flame trap, avoid harmful air entering into motor.
  4. Stainless metal spark arrestor and flame trapper. End sizzling carbon particles exiting the program and avoid flames reaching environment.
  5. Anti-static fan and belt, avoid creating static electric power during procedure.
  6. Pyroban 3GP engine monitor program, to give the computerized shut down of both ingestion air and fuel in the celebration of: over pace, over temperature and flammable gas in the ambiance.
  7. Other components: Flameproof EExd class 2G alternator, Ex d e II T4 enhanced protection deep discharge battery pack.

fourElectrical explosion safety

  1. All CZPT -explosion-proof electrical components are mounted in “Optimistic stress” explosion-proof console, so it is relevant for working situations in Zonell.
  2. The elements exterior the management console, such as external transducer, electromagnetic valve, and so forth. meet the need of Zone-II explosion-evidence.

five. Authorization
      The whole unit can be supplied with explosion-evidence certificate of domestic and global certificate authority.

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china Cheap Gas Pump Liquid Nitrogen Piston Pumps for Filling Skid manufacturers

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