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Product Description

Introduction of H2o Ring Vacuum Pump

SK, 2SK and SZ Water ring vacuum pumps not only can pump basic gas, but also can pump condensable gas (this kind of as steam). Due to the fact the liquid ring pump has the attributes of isothermal compression, the pump can also suck flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

2YK liquid ring vacuum pump is characterised by higher vacuum diploma and strong applicability. When decide on proper functioning medium (occasionally the pumped medium could also be used as doing work fluid), practically all industrial gases can be pumped out.

The earlier mentioned pumps have secure procedure and reduced noise, and their vitality use is thirty% reduce than that of h2o jet pump and steam jet pump. Consequently, liquid ring pumps are commonly utilised in light sector, foodstuff, medication, papermaking, electrician and other industries.

Parameter of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Model Pumping speed Ultimate pressure Power Rotating pace Water provide Inlet&Outlet
mthree/min hPa Torr kw r/min L/min mm kg
SK-three three eighty sixty 5.five 1450 twenty five 50 153
SK-6B 6 80 60 11 1450 35 fifty 210
SK-12 twelve 80 sixty 18.5 980 sixty 80 450
SK-25 twenty five 80 sixty 37/45 980 70 100 900
SK-thirty thirty 80 sixty 45 980 70 100 1200
2SK-3 three forty thirty 7.5 1450 30 50 320
2SK-6B six 33 twenty five 11 1450 40 50 370
2SK-12 12 33 25 22 980 70 eighty 850
2SK-25 25 33 twenty five 45/fifty five 980 sixty-one hundred ten a hundred 926


thirty 33 25 55 980 sixty-one hundred ten 100 1300

Pictures of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Roots vacuum pump and H2o Ring vacuum pump program

The claw vacuum pump is one hundred% oil and operates without having get in touch with. For this goal, the claw rotor rotates in the opposite route within the compression chamber without getting in contact with the housing. Adopt claw technology, higher performance, and lower use.
china Custom 2sk-3 2sk-6b 2sk-12 2sk-25 Electric powered Water Ring Liquid Loop Vacuum Pump Maker makers

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