china Custom Roots Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Concentration and Vacuum Drying manufacturers

Product Description


Item Description

Roots pump is a type of vacuum pump without having internal compression. It is a vacuum pump that realizes air extraction by moving gas under the pushing action of synchronous and reverse rotation of a pair of “8” shaped rotors in the pump cavity. Generally, the pumping fee is huge and the CZPT of the motor is tiny, so the CZPT pump is required to pre pump. Soon after the CZPT pump reaches the specified vacuum diploma, commence the roots vacuum pump to improve the pumping velocity and vacuum degree. Its composition and operating theory are equivalent to roots blower. In the course of operation, its suction is connected with the evacuated container or the main pump of vacuum technique. There is no contact between rotors of Roots vacuum pump and amongst rotors and pump casing.

Our Rewards

The operating parts in the pump have no friction, no lubrication, and there is no oil in the pump cavity, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

two leaf involute cycloid profile, high-precision machining to guarantee easy and quiet procedure.

the fuel in the pump chamber flows vertically, which is conducive to the discharge of dust and condensate in the pumped fuel.

. The substantial-energy rotor with complete symmetry and specific dynamic equilibrium operates stably and reliably.

high precision gear, imported bearing, reduced vibration and sounds.

the new omni-directional a few-dimensional h2o-cooling jacket style can properly great the pump physique and greatly extend the support existence of the pump.

the overflow surface area can be plated with shackles, Hastelloy and PTFE, which can adapt to corrosive environments with diverse strengths.

it is handy to kind roots vacuum unit with liquid ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump.


Normal Use

——Oil and gas restoration.    ——Organic medicine ——Meals Processing —— One crystal furnace
——Vacuum forming ——Vacuum flame refining ——Electronic photovoltaic. ——Semiconductor synthesis

Merchandise Parameters

Variety Pumping CZPT L/S Greatest allowable differential pressure (Pa) Pump CZPT (RPM) Inlet Diameter(mm) Outlet Diameter(mm) Motor CZPT (kw)
ZJB-70 70 8000 2850 80 fifty 1.5
ZJB-one hundred fifty one hundred fifty 6000 2850 one hundred 80 three
ZJB-300 three hundred 5000 2900 one hundred fifty one hundred four
ZJB-600 600 4000 2900 two hundred 150 5.5Z7.5
ZJ-1200 1200 3000 2900 250 two hundred 11/fifteen
ZJ-2500 2500 2600 2900 three hundred 250 22
ZJ-3750 3750 2600 1450 350 350 30
ZJ-5000 5000 2600 1450 400 four hundred forty five



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Standard Supervisor Speech

Deeply cultivate the vacuum technological innovation, and study,develop and manufacture the vacuum products to offer the very best solution in the vacuum area and make the vacuum application less difficult.

Firm Profile

ZheJiang Kaien Vacuum CZPT nology Co., Ltd. is a large-tech company integrating R & D, production and procedure of vacuum products. The business has strong complex drive, exceptional gear and considerate right after-sales service. The item manufacturing method is managed in rigorous accordance with IS09001 high quality program. It mostly generates and sells screw vacuum pump, roots pump, claw vacuum pump, runoff vacuum pump, scroll pump, h2o ring vacuum pump, vacuum device and other vacuum programs.

The company’s items have been for a number of foods, drugs, refrigeration, drying vegetation and a quantity of transformer associated gear makers for vacuum tools. The merchandise are broadly utilised in vacuum drying and dehydration, kerosene vapor section drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum coating, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, oil and fuel recovery, and so forth.

The business cooperates with faculties and universities to research and create core technologies, and owns dozens of unbiased intellectual property patents. Adhering to the simple tenet of quality, track record and provider, the firm will take leading-edge engineering of vacuum pump as its personal duty, and wholeheartedly serves CZPT ers of vacuum gear software in CZPT industries with demanding operating frame of mind and expert functioning style.


This vacuum pump is made for further vacuums down to 75 microns. Precision machined main pumps get rid of dampness from air conditioning programs for risk-free refrigerant addition. This single-phase vacuum pump is ideal for automotive air conditioning, HVAC perform, and other functions that call for a higher vacuum from a compact pump. First phase vacuum to 75 microns Resilient die-forged aluminum housing and practical leading handle Effortless to use
china Custom Roots Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Concentration and Vacuum Drying manufacturers

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