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Item Description

Item Description

Short Description of h2o circulating vacuum pump

SHZ-95B vertical circulating drinking water vacuum pump requires circulating drinking water as working fluid, it’s a new type vacuum pump who is making use of jet movement basic principle to generate adverse stress. It is not only a type of vacuum pumping gadget, but also ready to supply circulating cooling h2o to reaction tools. It has characteristics of no oil, no air pollution, minimal noise, anti-corrosion and versatile. Undertake anti-corrosion motion or stainless steel motion, vertical device and multiple functions.

Product attributes of SHZ-95B vertical circulating drinking water vacuum pump:

1.Undertake five taps of one or a number of using, geared up with a vacuum meter
2.No pollution, anti-corrosion, lower sounds, hassle-free and resilient in use, h2o and CZPT preserving
3.Major engine is produced by anti-corrosion movement or stainless steel motion
four.Tiny volume, light-weight fat, easy to go and elegance in look
five.Indicator gentle displaying high, medium and minimal when incorporating h2o.

Technical Parameter

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Movement Fee (L/min)


Raise (m)


Energy (W)


One end sucking fee (L/min) 


H2o storage tank quantity(L)


Vacuum Diploma (Mpa)


Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)


Tap Variety

One meter 5 taps

Boundary Dimension (mm*mm*mm)


Body substance

Anti-corrosion Variety

Sounds (dB)


Lifeless CZPT ght (Kg)


Corollary Equipment 

Recommending CZPT s

Q: Do you take CZPT ized?

A: We can CZPT ize in CZPT dimensions.

Q: How will you supply these merchandise?

A: It will be made the decision in accordance to your amount. Usually we will choose CZPT Categorical, Air and sea.

Q: What is the benefits of water circulating vacuum pump?

one.Evaluating to table product pump, it has bigger sucking fee, use to big vacuum sucking price.
2.Five faucets of one or a number of making use of. Parallel related with 5-way pipe(optional) has more substantial sucking fee, be able to satisfy wants of big scale rotary evaporator or reactors.
three.Outfitted with new water knockout drum, posses multi-head jet, 5 taps of single or several using.
four.Apparent drinking water conserving result. Take drinking water circulating procedure, stay away from drinking water throwing away by immediately making use of tap h2o. Also, under issue of drinking water temperature and water quality is certain, including water for when is capable to use for a CZPT time. Especially ideal for laboratory exactly where is absence of drinking water or in minimal hydraulic force.
five.Multi-perform use. Connecting to faucet water source, by suitable drinking water injecting can preserve circulating water’s temperature the very same beneath constantly procedure, that not only guarantee high vacuum degree, but also source circulating cooling water.
6.Focused electrical machine is comes from CZPT electrical device maker ODM, fluororubber sealing prevents corrosion gas from invading.
seven.Mobile entire body is produced type PVC substance, shell is created from superb stainless steel(SUS normal), anti-corrosion and no air pollution.
8.Equipped with caster which is handy to move, applicable to laboratories and workshops.

This vacuum pump is made for deeper vacuums down to seventy five microns. Precision machined primary pumps get rid of moisture from air conditioning systems for safe refrigerant addition. This solitary-stage vacuum pump is best for automotive air conditioning, HVAC work, and other functions that need a high vacuum from a compact pump. 1st phase vacuum to 75 microns Tough die-forged aluminum housing and hassle-free top handle Simple to use
china Custom Used in Mining Industry and Compressors Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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