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Quick introduction:

2BEC sequence drinking water ring vacuum pump one phase single perform, distribution plate and impeller adopt optimum style, with friction-cost-free surface area, no lubricating oil, compact construction, reliable operation, straightforward to use and maintain, vast choice variety, easy structure and effortless routine maintenance.It is mostly employed for pumping gasoline with no particles. The functioning medium is clean drinking water at area temperature. Acid, alkali and other media can also be employed as operating liquid for unique needs.


Fuel variety:  4.8—-450mthree/min

Limit vacuum degree: 33hpa—-160hpa

Effectiveness:  forty—-sixty five%


one.Solitary phase, one function, optimized style of distribution plate and impeller, substantial effectiveness, basic structure and straightforward servicing.

2.The versatile valve plate immediately adjusts the exhaust CZPT le, so that the pump can run successfully under different suction conditions.

three.The impeller stop encounter adopts grading layout, which minimizes the CZPT tivity of the pump to dust and drinking water scale development in the medium.

4. Packing gland is divided into half structure, much more convenient to substitute packing.

five. Small size pump, with packing and mechanical seal two varieties of shaft seal.

6. Rotor with impeller diameter better than 200mm, shaft sealing place is equipped with shaft sleeve to defend shaft wear.

seven. Improved bearing structure, huge axial and radial bearing capability, exact positioning, to make certain reliable operation of the pump.

8. Equipped with warmth exchanger to comprehend operating liquid circulation, reduce h2o intake, no need to have to set additional booster.

9. When installed with cavitation prevention system, the cavitation resistance of pump working below greater vacuum can be enhanced properly.

ten. Adopt specially developed steam separator to individual, properly minimize resistance and lessen sounds.

eleven.The smooth floor of the flow component can properly decrease the precipitation and minimize the scaling procedure.

12. Wide suction assortment, with a stage injector, suction strain can be lower than 33hpa.


1. The only rotating part of 2BEA/2BEC —- impeller can make the operating fluid sort hydraulic pressure in the oval pump entire body by rotating.At this time, the working fluid performs three roles of sealing medium, compression medium and cooling medium at the identical time, without having use and lubrication.

two. In the exhaust stage, the liquid ring slowly approaches the hub, and the pumping medium is discharged from the exhaust port together the axial route.

three. Ongoing injection of supplementary liquid to compensate for the liquid taken absent by the exhaust fuel.

4. In the suction stage, the liquid ring is steadily away from the hub, and the pumping medium is sucked axially from the suction port.

five. Due to the fact the impeller is eccentric with regard to the rotating liquid ring, the liquid reciprocates in the area in between the blades, —— just like the motion of the piston in the cylinder, —— creates axial suction and compression on the pumping medium.

It operates at two vacuum levels

When fitted with an intermediate separator, the remaining and proper elements of the 2BEC pump body can function at different vacuum amounts.As CZPT as the suction pressure variation in between the two components (A to B) is significantly less than eighty kPa, A 2BEC can be employed as two impartial vacuum pumps.This function further improves the operational adaptability of 2BEC.This adaptable solution minimizes strength consumption and footprint in applications that need equally vacuum levels.Due to the fact the 2BEC was made with the possibility of CZPT phrase procedure under huge differential pressures in thoughts, its dependability under these operating problems is not diminished at all.



Water ring vacuum pumps are broadly utilised in:
Vacuum filtration, vacuum distillation, extrusion molding, impregnation, liquid degassing, compressed air regeneration, meals processing, steam recovery, drinking water pump diversion, condenser h2o tank replenishment, drying, wooden drying, pharmaceutical vacuum, laboratory vacuum, solvent restoration, extraction, tHangZhou, cHangZhou, etc.  



EP VP sequence oil-free vacuum pump has lower noise and high efficiency. Designed for portability and flexibility, the sequence functions a rugged, light-weight enclosure and corrosion-resistant finishes/main factors. The performance characteristics of the prolonged-wear motors are ideal for a extensive range of programs these kinds of as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying chambers, rotary evaporators, distillations, gel dryers, and fuel investigation programs.
china factory Directly Connected Coupled Single Stage Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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