china near me Carbon Graphite Ek60 Graphite Sheet for Becker Vacuum Pump Usage manufacturers

Product Description

 Carbon graphite EK60 graphite sheet for becker vacuum pump usage : 

What is it ?
Vacuum pump carbon sheet is also acknowledged as vacuum pump carbon vanes, which is made of graphite carbon particles

Particulars : 
one,The carbon sheet of vacuum pump is self-lubricating carbon sheet with robust wear resistance
two, The carbon sheet of the vacuum pump is higher temperature resistant, and no vacuum pump oil and water are required as the medium, which can conserve vitality
three, The vacuum pump carbon sheet is far more environmentally pleasant and air pollution-free, due to the fact there are mild carbon particles in the self-lubricating carbon sheet that will be discharged from the exhaust port
four, CZPT effectiveness, far more suited for higher speed vacuum pump
five, It is suited for oil-cost-free rotary vane vacuum pump, specific vacuum pump carbon sheet and carbon sheet   

We provide CZPT kinds vanes, Component No have 90133000004,KDT/KVT 2.60 80/3.60/3.eighty PN 515642,TR 15DV a hundred, DFT one hundred 901388 00005, Becker DT 3.60 901372 00007,DVT one hundred forty 901317 00008, DT/T/VT 3.16 / 4.sixteen one hundred / 3.100 40, VT forty one hundred 901316 00008       

Product Dimension (mm) Qty(pcs)
XD-040 one hundred forty*thirty*four  3
XD-063 a hundred*forty*four 3
XD-one hundred a hundred and sixty*forty*4 3
XD-160,200 one hundred forty*52*6 three
XD-250,three hundred 220*52*6 3

Our manufacturing procedure, from uncooked materials preparation, configuration of powder composition ratio, mixing, urgent or chemical therapy, to the completion of mechanical processing goods, has specialist tools and staff to cooperate.
With much more than 20 years of creation expertise, item balance can be assured.

The gear is CZPT from cutting-grinding surface-grinding arc area-chamfering-drilling-seed line-dispensing-terminal to increase performance and standardize creation.

The gear particularly contains:
Sawing equipment
The carbon block is immediately punched,
Automated 4-aspect grinding and four-side chamfering
Computerized assembly device
Arc grinding, bevel grinding, drilling and milling.

Testing Tools:
Carbon brush tensile testing equipment
Resistivity testing machine
Hardness testing machine.

Sample processing,Processing by drawing

The quantity ≤ 20 pcs——- it is packed in cartons and lined with anti-drop foam

The quantity ≥ 20pcs ——the carton packaging is lined with anti-drop foam,  the outer packaging is packed in a hard corrugated carton

The quantity ≥ 500pcs ——-the carton packaging is lined with anti-drop foam, and the outer packaging is composite board wooden box or plastic pallet


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china near me Carbon Graphite Ek60 Graphite Sheet for Becker Vacuum Pump Usage manufacturers

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