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WE ARE Skilled CZPT CZPT UFACTURER. OUR Manufacturing facility Located AT ZheJiang HangZhou, WHICH IS Well-known WITH CZPT CZPT UFACTURER. AT OUR HOMETOWN, Each Loved ones Labored WITH CZPT Discipline.EVEN ZheJiang , ZHangZhouG TRADE Business Acquire CZPT FROM OUR HOMETOWN CZPT ENLY.
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We are specialist maker for Desulphurization Pump/Desulfurization pump, CZPT Desulphurization Pump/Desulfurization pump is with higher and stable top quality, and we have produced several drinking water pump remedies for several CZPT ers. 

Desulphurization Pump/Desulfurization pump 
Wide software scope 
Extended life span 
Anti-abrasive & anticorrosive 
No blockage 
DT(TL) type desulfurization pump is meticulously designed substantial efficient new generation desulfurization pump, commonly used as large scale serosity circulating, lime slurry transportation, plaster slurry ejection, selection and so forth. 
DT(TL) desulfurization pump adopt horizontal single phase, solitary suction and bracket framework. 
Functioning situation: 
Serosity pH: 2.5 ~ 13 
Density of chlorin ion ≤ 60000 ppm 
Density of excess weight ≤ 60% 
Media temperature ≤ 120° C 
DT (TL) desulfurization pump 
Capability: 4m3/h ~15710m3/h 
Head: 4.4m ~70.8m 
Electrical power: .55kw ~ 800kw 

Model Allowable mating max CZPT   Movement Head Pace Max Effectiveness NPSH Allowable max partical Pump CZPT ght
Q(m3/h) H(m) n(r/m) T(kg)
N(kw)       η(%) (m) (mm)  
800DT-A90 900 3142-9700 six.-28.7 three hundred-592 89.three 2 181 5900
700DT-A84 630 2157-7360 five.2-24.5 300-591 88.eight two 168 5420
600DT-A82 500 1664-5600 5.2-27.eight three hundred-595 88.three 2.two 152 4900
500DT-A85 400 1036-4080 5.7-26.eight three hundred-591 a hundred thirty five 4500
350DT-A78 five hundred 720-2865 eleven.6-51.1 400-740 seventy eight 3.five 104 3700
300DT-A60 400 580-2403 eight.9-fifty three.1 490-989 eighty 4.three ninety six 2790
200DT-B45 ninety 138-645 5.7-31. 490-990 80.8 two 51 1750
150DT-B55 132 139-630 490-990 78.1 two.three fifty six 1540
150DT-A50 ninety sixty two-279 9.3-forty four.six 490-980 two.1 30 1470
150DT-A50 90 63-279 9.3-forty four.six 490-990 sixty five.7 thirty 1470
150DT-A40 132 122-503 11.2-sixty one.2 seven hundred-1490 2.six forty 830
100DT-A45B ninety forty one-219 12.1-seventy six.four seven hundred-1480 fifty one.eight two.4 24 800
100DT-B40 seventy five 61-268 twelve.-sixty one. seven hundred-1480 70.4 1.7 29 620
100DT-A35 75 77-323 8.8-forty five.nine seven hundred-1480 70.4 1.9 forty two 550
80DT-A36 37 forty one-167 8.9-forty seven.1 700-1480 62.four one.five 16 480
65DT-A40 55 34-159 twelve.2-63.2 seven-hundred-1480 sixty 16 490
65DT-A30 22 21-ninety nine seven.-35.six seven-hundred-1470 54.6 2.2 19 260
50DT-D40 30 16-seventy six nine.5-fifty seven hundred-1480 forty 1.2 ten 320
50DT-A30 18.five sixteen-78 6.1-36.3 seven hundred-1460 forty eight.five .8 sixteen 210

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Sturdy rotary vane pumps are also suitable for high differential pressures in vacuum programs. Eccentrically mounted rotors with grooves rotate in cylindrical housings where exactly mounted sliding vanes transfer and independent functioning chambers
china near me shop Isg Iswh Yg Iswb 250-500 Pipeline Pump Centrifugal Pipeline Pump manufacturers


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