china price Rotary Vane Type Double Stage Vacuum Pump (2X) manufacturers

Item Description

2X Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is one particular of the simple products for acquiring vacuum for airtight containers by exhausting gas. It can be utilized by itself, or utilised as the fore pump in CZPT of the booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, and many others. This pump is applicable to the vacuum metallurgy, vacuum welding, vacuum impregnation, coating, vacuum drying, as nicely as the vacuum therapies in chemical and pharmaceutical market, electric vacuum products and other industries.

one. The pump can perform inside the ambient temperature range of 5~40 and under the inlet stress much less than 1330PA. It is also allowable for CZPT -time period steady perform.
two. The pump is neither relevant to pump the gases which have excessive oxygen content, poisonous and explosive function, corrosive results to etals and chemical reactions with oil of pumps, and dust particles, nor act as a transfer pump to transfer gas sort one particular container to another.
3. The constant functioning several hours of the pump below the inlet air pressure of 6000PA shall not exceed 3min to steer clear of damages induced by oil injection or bad lubrication.


Model 2X-4A 2X-8A 2X-eight 2X-fifteen 2X-30A 2X-70A
Pumping CZPT
4 8 eight 15 30 70
(≤ Pa)
Greatest Stress
≤ 6× ten -2
Motor CZPT
.55 2.two three 5.five
(Levels C)
Temperature Rise
≤ 4 Levels C
LW Noise
≤ seventy five ≤ 78 ≤ seventy eight ≤ eighty ≤ eighty two ≤ 86
Inlet Diameter
Φ twenty five Φ 25 Φ 40 Φ forty Φ sixty five Φ 80
Rotational CZPT
450 550 320 320 450 420
Injection Sum of Oil
.seven .nine two two.8 two four.two
55× 34× 41 55× 43× forty four 79× 43× 54 79× 53× 54 78× 50× fifty six 91× 65× 70
fifty four 70 135 196 240 428

Diaphragm oil-totally free pumps for glass, stainless steel, and plastic dryers. The hydrophobic PTFE in-line filter membrane is in area and consists of particles bigger than .1 microns. The pump characteristics 1/8 HP, maximum pressure of 50 PSI, and a greatest temperature of 38°C to avoid fluid and air contamination, as effectively as exhaust backup. The pump features oil-cost-free operation, rugged development, easy hose connections, and a optimum steady stress of fifty PSIG. Attributes Vacuum pump safeguards in opposition to all fluid and air contamination Can be employed to stop harmful exhaust backup Oil-cost-free operation Rugged building/minimal routine maintenance 50 PSIG greatest steady pressure
china price Rotary Vane Type Double Stage Vacuum Pump (2X) manufacturers

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