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Transient introduction:

2BEC sequence water ring vacuum pump single stage one function, distribution plate and impeller undertake optimum design, with friction-cost-free surface area, no lubricating oil, compact construction, dependable operation, straightforward to use and keep, broad choice selection, easy composition and simple routine maintenance.It is primarily used for pumping gasoline without having particles. The working medium is clear h2o at space temperature. Acid, alkali and other media can also be used as doing work liquid for special specifications.


Gasoline range:  4.8—-450mthree/min

Restrict vacuum diploma: 33hpa—-160hpa

Performance:  40—-sixty five%


1.One phase, one operate, optimized design and style of distribution plate and impeller, high performance, easy structure and simple maintenance.

2.The flexible valve plate automatically adjusts the exhaust CZPT le, so that the pump can function efficiently underneath distinct suction situations.

3.The impeller conclude confront adopts grading design and style, which minimizes the CZPT tivity of the pump to dust and h2o scale development in the medium.

four. Packing gland is divided into fifty percent construction, more handy to substitute packing.

five. Small dimensions pump, with packing and mechanical seal two types of shaft seal.

six. Rotor with impeller diameter increased than 200mm, shaft sealing placement is geared up with shaft sleeve to defend shaft use.

7. Improved bearing framework, massive axial and radial bearing capability, correct positioning, to make sure reputable operation of the pump.

eight. Equipped with warmth exchanger to recognize operating liquid circulation, lessen water consumption, no want to set added booster.

nine. When put in with cavitation avoidance system, the cavitation resistance of pump running below increased vacuum can be enhanced successfully.

ten. Adopt specifically designed steam separator to independent, properly minimize resistance and minimize sounds.

eleven.The easy surface area of the circulation ingredient can effectively minimize the precipitation and minimize the scaling approach.

12. Wide suction range, with a phase injector, suction force can be lower than 33hpa.


one. The only rotating component of 2BEA/2BEC —- impeller tends to make the doing work fluid form hydraulic pressure in the oval pump entire body by rotating.At this time, the working fluid performs three roles of sealing medium, compression medium and cooling medium at the identical time, without dress in and lubrication.

two. In the exhaust stage, the liquid ring steadily techniques the hub, and the pumping medium is discharged from the exhaust port together the axial route.

three. Constant injection of supplementary liquid to compensate for the liquid taken absent by the exhaust fuel.

4. In the suction phase, the liquid ring is gradually away from the hub, and the pumping medium is sucked axially from the suction port.

five. Due to the fact the impeller is eccentric with regard to the rotating liquid ring, the liquid reciprocates in the place among the blades, —— just like the motion of the piston in the cylinder, —— makes axial suction and compression on the pumping medium.

It operates at two vacuum stages

When equipped with an intermediate separator, the still left and proper components of the 2BEC pump body can operate at different vacuum levels.As CZPT as the suction strain distinction in between the two areas (A to B) is much less than 80 kPa, A 2BEC can be employed as two impartial vacuum pumps.This function more enhances the operational adaptability of 2BEC.This versatile solution minimizes energy intake and footprint in apps that need each vacuum amounts.Because the 2BEC was created with the chance of CZPT time period operation beneath massive differential pressures in brain, its reliability below these working circumstances is not diminished at all.



H2o ring vacuum pumps are broadly utilised in:
Vacuum filtration, vacuum distillation, extrusion molding, impregnation, liquid degassing, compressed air regeneration, meals processing, steam restoration, water pump diversion, condenser h2o tank replenishment, drying, wood drying, pharmaceutical vacuum, laboratory vacuum, solvent recovery, extraction, tHangZhou, cHangZhou, and many others.  
Overall performance:


The screw vacuum pump is straight pushed by an built-in frequency converter without the need for a drive equipment. The screw rotor rotates in the reverse path with no make contact with. The working chamber of the equipment is a hundred% oil-free. Built-in pace management permits the strength-optimized procedure of the device.
china shop Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressor for Chemical Paper Making Industry manufacturers

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