China Wholesale Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

China Wholesale Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


2BV collection drinking water ring vacuum pumps are ideal for pumping the gases and steam. Its suction stress can reach 33mbar (stomach muscles) (i.e. ninety seven % vacuum degree). If the transformer oil is employed as the working liquid, these pumps are named oil ring vacuum pump and the suction stress can reach six.7mbar (abs) (i.e. ninety nine % vacuum diploma). So the oil ring vacuum pumps can substitute the reciprocated vacuum pumps totally. When the liquid ring vacuum pumps operate below the condition close to the restricted vacuum for a long time, it is required to couple with the cavitation safety pipe in order to get rid of the screaming and defend the pump.When the 2BV series are used as compressor, it must pay consideration to the discharge stress and select suitable motor power as the boost of the discharge force will improve the 2BV pump energy.

Framework and functions:

The direct connection of the motor and pump with the identical shaft will save space and is practical to set up.

Adopting mechanical seal as CZPT products, which removes leakage and makes the routine maintenance hassle-free.

Stable operating and the sound can lower to 62 decibel.

Special style of adaptable discharge port will not cause over compression which as a result, makes certain the greatest efficiency of 2BV in the overall performance scope.

All the 2BV collection have the link port of the cavitation security pipe. E.g. when the pump perform underneath minimal force, opening the relationship port of the cavitation security pipe or connecting with the separator can remove the cavitation audio underneath the problem that the suction impact can be made confident at utmost and defend the pump.

All the roughs of all the versions in the 2BV sequence adopt specific casting( stainless metal and regular content).

All the components are processed exactly by the CNC lathe, and the mechanical seal adopts imported johncrane or HangZhou Bergman to guarantee the precision.

All adopt NTN or NSK imported bearing.

Sort Suction ability
m 3 /min
Constrained vacuum
Motor power
Explosive-evidence quality of motor CZPT grade of motor Pump Pace
Liquid flowrate
2BV2 060 .forty five 33mbar
one.1 No IP54 2880 2 sixty two 31
2BV2 061 .86 one.5 2880 two sixty five 35
2BV2 070 1.33 3 2850 2.5 sixty six fifty six
2BV2 071 one.83 4 2860 four.2 72 65
2BV2 060-Ex .forty five one.1 dIIBT4 IP55 2880 two sixty two 39
2BV2 061-Ex .86 one.5 2880 two sixty five forty five
2BV2 070-Ex one.33 three 2850 two.5 66 sixty six
2BV2 071-Ex one.eighty three four 2860 4.2 72 seventy seven
2BV5 one hundred ten two.75 4 No IP54 1450 sixty three 103
2BV5 111 three.83 five.5 1450 eight.3 68 117
2BV5 121 4.sixty six 7.five 1450 10 sixty nine 149
2BV5 131 six.66 11 1430 15 73 205
2BV5 161 8.33 fifteen 970 twenty seventy four 331
2BV6 110 two.75 four dIIBT4 IP55 1450 6.7 sixty three 153
2BV6 111 3.83 5.5 1450 eight.3 68 208
2BV6 121 four.sixty six seven.5 1450 ten 69 240
2BV6 131 six.66 11 1430 fifteen seventy three 320
2BV6 161 8.33 15 970 20 74 446

China Wholesale Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


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