china wholesaler Laboratory GM-2.0A Chemical Resistant Double Head Diaphragm Vacuum Pump for Filtration /Evaporation / Distillation Apparatus 120L/Min manufacturers

Item Description

Merchandise Description

China lab mini oilless diaphragm vacuum pump price 

  “TOPTION” collection Diaphragm Vacuum Pump has the features of continuous oil free of charge pumping , reduced sounds amount , larger performance , CZPT life time . It is primarily utilised in medicinal products evaluation , business of good chemicals , biochemical pharmacy , foodstuff assessment , The prison investigation technology , and so on . It is employed with the precision chromatography instrument , the necessary of laboratory . This item is specifically developed for laboratory , reliable and simple to use .

Software:Vacuum adsorptionSolvent filtrationVacuum distillationVacuum dryingCompressing and converting gasoline
SPE ( reliable section extraction)Deaeration

Solution Parameters

name sort ultimate vacuum final force Speed (L/Min) Constructive force Pump head noise(DB)
diaphragm vacuum pump GM-.twenty 250mbar .075Mpa 12 ≥30Psi two <60DB
GM-.33A 200mbar .08Mpa 20   one <60DB
GM-.5A 200mbar .08Mpa thirty ≥30Psi 1 <60DB
GM-.5B 50mbar .095Mpa 30   2 <60DB
GM-1.0A 200mbar .08Mpa sixty ≥30Psi 2 <60DB
GM – 2 200mbar .08Mpa 120   2 <60DB
GM-.33A(anti-corrosion) 200mbar .08Mpa twenty   one <60DB
GM-.5A(anti-corrosion) 200mbar .08Mpa thirty ≥30Psi 1 <60DB
GM-.5B(anti-corrosion) 50mbar .095Mpa thirty   two <60DB
GM-1.0A(anti-corrosion) 200mbar .08Mpa 60L ≥30Psi two <60DB
GM – 2(anti-corrosion) 200mbar .08Mpa a hundred and twenty   two <60DB

Thorough Pictures

1.Corrosion resistance , ready to tolerance almost all robust acid (which includes aqua regia) , sturdy alkali , powerful oxidizer , reductant , and range of organic and natural solvents . 
two.Endure high and lower temperatures , can be used in temperature of -190ºC to 260ºC .
3.Non-adhere surface area , most solid substance and impurity particles can not conglutinate on the floor .

Company Profile

EP VP collection oil-free vacuum pump has lower noise and high performance. Developed for portability and versatility, the series attributes a rugged, light-weight enclosure and corrosion-resistant finishes/primary elements. The efficiency attributes of the extended-wear motors are suited for a extensive range of purposes these kinds of as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying chambers, rotary evaporators, distillations, gel dryers, and fuel evaluation methods.
china wholesaler Laboratory GM-2.0A Chemical Resistant Double Head Diaphragm Vacuum Pump for Filtration /Evaporation / Distillation Equipment 120L/Min companies

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