DG Type Multistage Double Stage Boiler Feed Water Pump

DG Type Multistage Double Stage Boiler Feed Water Pump

Pump Name: Feed Water Pump

 Feature : 

  1. High pressure boiler feed pumps
  2. Pumping high pressure clean water

Solution Description: 

Feed H2o Pump are used for feeding high pressure boiler or pumping high pressure clean water. The temperature of pumped media is not more than 210C.


Fire h2o supply, higher-rise drinking water supply, industrial water supply, mine h2o offer and drainage.

Functionality and attributes:

Higher raise, low vitality usage, trustworthy efficiency.The elements are interchangeable and effortless to use.The solution specificationcomplete, the coverage is wide, hassle-free to acquire.

Performance Range :

  • Range of capacity: 32 to 620 m3/h 
  • Range of total head: 550 to 2150m

Structure Feature:

  • Shaft sealing:The shafts of these pumps are sealed by soft-packing and cooling water mechanical seal can be utilised
  • in accordance to client’s requirements.
  • Bearings and axial balancing device:The rotating assembly is supported by sliding bearings on each ends of the pump.
  • Bearings of pump are forcedlubricated. The oil method is geared up for kind DG pump. The axial thrust of rotores is well balanced
  • by harmony disc and the thrust      bearing is also provided which is used to bear residual axial force brought on by the adjust of
  • doing work conditions. 
  • CZPT: The pump is directly pushed by the motor via the versatile coupling. The equipment coupling, membrane coupling and hydraulic
  • coupling can be utilised according to client’s needs. The pump can be driven by turbine or motor.The rotating direction of
  • pumps are clockwise when seen from the driving conclude.
  • Substance: Suction casing, discharge casing, diffuser, and impeller: carbon steel or chrome steel Shaft, use ring, diffuser bush:
  • chrome vanadium steel or chrome steel,  DG CHT CHTA CHTC h2o sump pump programs boiler feed h2o pump

Composition of Feed Water Pump:

Shipping and delivery Packing :

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DG Type Multistage Double Stage Boiler Feed Water Pump


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