Diesel Engine Double Suction Split Case Pumps

Diesel Engine Double Suction Split Case Pumps

Diesel Engine Double Suction Break up Situation Pumps


one. QS Split Situation PumpIntroduction

QS horizontal double suction split casepump, the casing is axially break up, which permits elimination of the comprehensive rotorwithout shifting either piping or motor. Pumps producing large heads have doublevolutes to reduce radial forces. Replaceable use ring safeguard the casing atthe impeller running clearances. Vertical or horizontal, comfortable packing ormechanical seal, grease or oil lubrication bearing on request. It is also electric powered motor or diesel motor driven on ask for.
2.QS Break up CaseWater Pump Attribute
(one)Have QS and QSH two types.
Viewedfrom motor, the route of the QSH pump is anti-clockwise, that is thesuction in the still left, the discharge in the right. The rotating direction of thetype QS pump is clockwise, that is the suction in the right, the discharge inthe remaining. Also can move the driver to an additional edge according to the user’srequires. Then, the rotating course, the suction and discharge path isin the reverse as the explained previously mentioned.
(two)CZPT complete set break up-casing centrifugal pump, motor, coupling, the inletdiameter less than 200mm match the widespread base.
(3)The pump is axial break up casing building.
(4)Massive capacity

3.QSSplit Circumstance Water Pump Application

CZPT Plumbing purposes
CZPT drinking water provide Circulation of CZPT creating systems,water booster service, boiler feed,basic circulation support and much more.
Agriculture/food/beverage Irrigation,water supply,foods processing,beverage processing ,fertilizers.
CZPT Pulp and paper supporters,plastic&rubber,metallic&metal, pharmaceutical,paper mills,air clean,marine ballast support.
Fire/catastrophe reduction Hearth pumps,fire protection,flood control,catastrophe reduction, federal/military.
Utilities:H2o Energy generation stations,desalination, energy recovery turbines
CZPT/mining CZPT plants,refineries,petroleum distribution,coal sites, pumping.

four.QS Break up Situation Drinking water PumpApplication On Internet site

five.Specification of Drainage Douoble Suction Drinking water Pump Break up Case Pump

Design Stream price Head Pace Electrical power Eff Iimpeller Fat
(QS) (m3/h) (m) (rpm) (KW) (%) (mm) (kg)
QS150 a hundred and ten~220 35~eighty four 2900 30~fifty five sixty seven~eighty 186~250 a hundred forty five~150
QS200 a hundred and sixty~351 31~a hundred 2900 37~a hundred and ten 61~eighty five 193~284 219~265
QS250 324~612 eight.six~seventy one 1450 22~132 seventy two~86 224~460 405~565
QS300 504~972 eight~ninety eight 1450 thirty~300 70~eighty four 225~540 845~660
QS350 745~1663 10~a hundred and forty 1450 fifty five~680 70~88 270~655 760~1580
QS400 900~1620 32~ninety eight 980~1480 one hundred fifty five~five hundred 71.5~84 510~535 1910
QS500 1150~2450 10.6~108 740~970 a hundred and ten~800 70~89 390~860 2000~4330
QS600 2304~4000 13~eighty 730~970 185~900 70~91 450~830 2500~4300
QS700 2111~4896 39.5~ninety nine.5 740~980 560~1250 fifty two~92 415~850 5800
QS800 3960~7200 23.five~84 600~740 450~1600 seventy seven~92 715~990 5100~8300
QS1000 6000~9900 32~fifty two 600~990 1250 seventy nine~87 670~695 10000
QS1200 5832~14400 6~95.seven 500~745 710~3450 eighty~90 560~1200 12500~16000


6.QS Split Case Pump Framework




1.Bearing two.Framework Oil Seal three.Bearing Gland four.Pump Casing 5.Packing Gland 6.Packing
seven.Packing Ring eight.Packing Sleeve 9.Shaft Sleeve 10.Pump Include eleven.Impeller twelve.Washing Pipe
thirteen.O Ring 14.Seal Ring For Pump Casing 15.CZPT Seal Liner 16.O Ring seventeen.CZPT Seal eighteen.CZPT Seal Gland
19.Drinking water Retaining Ring twenty.O Ring 21.Bearing Housing At CZPTn Finish 22.Shaft 23.CZPTs 24.C Kind Essential
twenty five.Framework Oil Seal 26.Ring For Shaft 27.Bearing Junk Ring 28.Cylindrical Pin 29.CZPT Seal thirty.Cylindrical Pin
31.B Variety Crucial 32.Packing Seal 33.Seal 34.Spherical Nut lock
35.Round Nut 36.Bearing Internal
37.Pump Finish Bearing Housing 38.Bearing Spacer


seven.TheQS split case drinking water pump is broadly used for clean h2o, sea h2o. There aredifferent material for the pump elements for various liquid pumped:

No. Region Forged Iron Ductile Iron CZPT Steel 304 CZPT Metal 316
one China HT250 QT500-seven 0CR18NI9 0CR17NI12MO2
2 US NO.35 70-fifty-05 SS304 SS316
three Japan FC250 FCD500 SUS304 SUS316
four Germany GG25 GGG50 X5CRNI18.9 X5CRNIMO18.10
five Italy G25 GS500-7    
6 France FGL250 FGS500-seven Z6CN18.09 Z6CND17.12
7 ISO 250 500-seven eleven 20,20A

eight.Double Suction Break up Scenario Diesel H2o Pump demonstrates

9.Packing and Shipping

10. Business quick introduction

CZPTazhuang An Pump CZPTry Co., Ltd is 1 over thirty a long time seasoned pump maker (proven at 1986) in mining and mineral, electrical power plant, dredging and dredge, hydraulic, irrigation, pulp transfer, chemical, development, sea water and oil & fuel transfer etc. An Pump CZPTry is the pump factory has its very own pump choice & style, investigation and advancement group to guarantee offer you efficient, vitality preserving slurry pump, h2o pump, diesel h2o pump, chemical pump and irrigation pump in choice & style, use and upkeep program.


Diesel Engine Double Suction Split Case Pumps


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