Good Quality High Pressure Jet Grouting Pump for Jet Grouting

Good Quality High Pressure Jet Grouting Pump for Jet Grouting

Great CZPT Higher Force Jet Grouting Pump For Jet Grouting 

Frequency conversion substantial strain grouting pump collection merchandise are appropriate for freeway,
railway, mine, port, countrywide protection and other fields of basis reinforcement,
creating settlement remedy, basis impermeable curtain, retaining cofferdam,
slope anchorage, mine plugging, shaft wall and other engineering construction.

Primary attribute

1. CZPT control technology can display instantaneous stream, strain and accumulated
flow in true time and print.

two. The hydraulic conclude uses the plunger lubrication structure, the sealing portion successfully
prolongs the service lifestyle, the putting on part can be changed effortlessly and swiftly,
the alloy valve seat is sturdy and dress in-resistant, reducing the frequency of substitution
when the equipment stops.

three. The frequency converter is adopted to change the velocity, which will save the
mechanical transmission, clutch and other multi-fault transmission areas, with smaller quantity,
compact composition and much better dependability.Secure begin-up procedure, energy preserving,
no impact on the electricity grid.

4. CZPTtrical control circuit is basic and reputable, via the straightforward operation panel,
can obtain “fool” operation, show the standard functioning parametersVarious working
parameters of the system can be set and exhibited.

five. With comprehensive defense operate, it can management electricity reduction, phase reduction, above voltage,
underneath voltage, more than current, torque and pump strain.

six. Overall use of container defense system (optional), environmental protection,
simple, practical transportation.

7. It can meet the complex demands of one pipe, double pipe and triple pipe
rotary jet pile building and design of MJS, RJP and other ultra-substantial force
rotary jet building method.

Major parameters

ZJB/BP fifty five(A) ZJB/BP 90(A) ZJB/BP 132(A) ZJB/BP 250
Diameter of plunger(mm)  45(55) forty five(55) sixty(sixty five) 90
Stroke of plunger(mm) a hundred and twenty a hundred and twenty a hundred 152.4
Optimum circulation (L/mm) 114(a hundred and sixty) 114(one hundred sixty) 150(a hundred and seventy) 280
Peak pressure (MPa) thirty(20) 50(thirty) 50 forty five
Motor energy (Kw) fifty five ninety 132 250
Inlet diameter(mm) 50 fifty 50 65
Outlet diameter
twenty five 25 twenty five 32
Excess weight (Kg) 1450 2200 2900 8000
Dimension (mm) 2348X1056X826 2490X1196X915 2673X1546X1100 3350X2500X1800

Good Quality High Pressure Jet Grouting Pump for Jet Grouting


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