High Precision CNC Woodworking Machine and Lathe

High Precision CNC Woodworking Machine and Lathe

                   CNC Machining Centre Design CA-481                   

one) Ideal for producing sample of few quantities and various types.It belongs to economic climate and heavy obligation machining gear.

2) Design of 4 spindles shifting collectively, the spacing among the four spindles might be altered. Also the four spindles might process exact same variety of perform parts at the very same time.

3) Positioning block can do swift content feed in and fee out when making use of with each other with movable, adjustable vacuum pad to adsorb work piece.

four) Suitable for processing speakers panel, generator insulation elements, mechanical PE areas, mobile phone case, mechanical models, yacht cabinets and panel wooden wardrobe.


1) Centralized computerized lubrication system.

two) Centralized dust assortment handle system

three) Instrument automatic payment system.

four) CZPT backlash preloading mechanism.

5) Warmth exchanger cooling electric management box.

6) High rigidity style.

7) ZheJiang PMI ball screw and rail guide.

eight) ZheJiang exact spiral rack transmission.

nine) Italy HSD automobile instrument changing higher frequency spindle.

10) Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver.

eleven) ZheJiang LIMING planetary sort reducer.

twelve) ZheJiang SYNTEC-Laptop management method.

13) Italy OSAI-Laptop controller system. (Choice)



High Precision CNC Woodworking Machine and Lathe

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