Hydraulic Pump Test Bench Power Pack 220 V

Hydraulic Pump Test Bench Power Pack 220 V


one. This system is an impartial and complete hydraulic electricity unit , compose of piston pump,handle valve,oil tank,dynamo and instrument.

2. This gadget characteristics modest volume ,light-weight bodyweight ,straightforward design as properly as hassle-free operation and high work pressure.

three. this unit can complete the work of lifting, bending, straightening, extruding, slicing, riveting, disassembling and press-fitting.

four. This gadget can maintain the pressure for five minutes and make confident the pressure reduction is significantly less than five MPa if there is not oil leakage from the external oil channel.

Product product and parameters

Sort Max Force Mix  Stress Large pressure flow Minimal strain movement Motor Energy

Voltage V

Potential of Tank
50 50MPa 2MPa .3L/min 2L/min one.five kw 380/220 14L
50 50MPa 2MPa 2 L/min 6L/min 3 kw 380/220 40L

Force Gauge 
The strain gauge is accurated and secure, Rapid response oil force problem.

 Oil Hole

The Displacement is Steady and the interface is limited and risk-free.

   The reversing is variety 34SM strategy and sealed rotary valve. O. The reversing valve can make the oil cylinder operate again and forth. It will be far more hassle-free to work with a little wheel.



Hydraulic Pump Test Bench Power Pack 220 V

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