Meter Mix Dispenser for Adhesives, Epoxies, Urethane

Meter Mix Dispenser for Adhesives, Epoxies, Urethane

The 2 Element Dispenser is a leading of the assortment Compact 2-ingredient metering, mixing and dispensing program, for a extremely extensive variety of 2 element adhesives & resins these kinds of as CZPTurethane, Epoxy Resin, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) as properly as sealants like Silicone, Acrylic

I.CZPT description and operating theory

CZPT glue mixing  and dispenser equipment is mainly utilised for a two-part glue( Epoxy/ Silicone/PU,etc adhesive), automatic metering and mixing the ratio of glue. The glue are saved in two barrels separately, according the glue weight ratio and volume desire computerized metering by two sets of precision pump, supply to a mixing device fully mixing, and then potting/dispensing the sought after items.

II.Primary Purpose:

one.CZPT metering and mixing

2.Guide Gluing

3.Vehicle alarm for absence of substance or entire content

4.Gluing ratio and amount adjustable

5.Vehicle cleansing

six.Glue tank Vacuum Defoaming (Optional)

7.Glue barrels,metering pump,glue pipe can be heating (Optional)



Model No:

PJL-one hundred

Mixing Ratio

100:a hundred-10:a hundred(one:one-one:10) Adjustable

Metering precision


Outflow speed


Mixing precision


Mixing mode

CZPT mixing /Static mixing

Glue Viscosity

Decrease than 20000 CPS(mPa·s)

Control mode

PLC + Touch Display

Handle program

Impartial R&D

Measuring method

Stepping motor/Substantial-precision, use-resistant,extended-lifestyle Gear pump

Doing work voltage

AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

Power prerequisite


Air pressure need


CZPT Dimension



approx 260 KG

Operate atmosphere

Humidity: twenty%~98%RH Temperature: ~+40°c


Ideal Material: For waterproof, adhesive, fixed two-ingredient adhesive.

This kind of as: Crystal or significantly less additive glue –Silicone, epoxy, polyurethane(PU), and so forth.

Programs:LED products ,CZPTs,CZPTtronic elements

This kind of as:Wall washer mild, LED bar, LED strip, Ads module, Sensor, Photovoltaic module, Photovol­taic inverter .and so on


Model PGB-seven hundred Voltage 220V-380V
XYZ axis  seven hundred*700*eighty(mm) Application led,digital,filter
Glue assistance Silicone, epoxy resin, urethane Certification CE, RoHS
Energy 3600w Warranty 1years
Merchandise Title mixing and dispensing  Operate DC 12V-14V
Ratio support  one:one to 10:one MOQ 1 Piece
Gluing Speed 5-66g/5s Adjustable Price relies upon your glue characteristic
Air Force: .5-.7Mpa Port CZPT

V, packing


Meter Mix Dispenser for Adhesives, Epoxies, Urethane


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