Multifunction Cryolipolysis and Lipolaser Body Sculpting Machine with Two Cryo Handles

Multifunction Cryolipolysis and Lipolaser Body Sculpting Machine with Two Cryo Handles

VT19 Multifunction Lipolaser Cryolipolysis Body Sculpting Device

Multifunction Cryolipolysis Lipolaser CZPT Applications: 

one. Properly get rid of cellulite, eliminate edema 
2. Excess fat transfer, compact skin 
three. Elimination of intractable cellulite 
4. CZPTing excess fat, destroy excess fat, then generate the best curve. 

Treatment options present cryolipolysis approach is effective to minimize the stubborn fat without any damage for other healthy cells. 

Multifuction Lipolaser Cryolipolysis Physique Slimming CZPT Handles: 

1. Cryolipolysis deal with: 

Cryolipolysis treatment handle is the most important part for the effective fat reduce. With advanced cooling technology-Semiconductor ceramic cryo pads, cryolipolysis can create as low as -16C  treatment temperature.

The handles are a few dimensions: 

Attribute Of Cryolipolysis Handles:

one. With medical use silicon, it makes gentle sufficient for the concentrate on, customer will feel relaxed in the course of the process. 
2. Softer pipe with better content. 
3.  Water cycle sensor on the equipment show, if there is any issue of the drinking water cycle, machine will alarm. 

two. Lipolaser pads:

That lipolaser employs twin wavelength 650nm and 980nm diode laser, with six pads.
Four large lipolaser pads, each 24 diodes, two little pads, each and every 4 diodes, total 104 diodes.
Every single pad 50 % 660nm diodes, fifty percent 980nm diodes. 

Multifunction Cryolipolysis Lipolaser CZPT Characteristics: 

1. Two cryo handles perform very same time, for two focus on places or two different consumers.
2. Two different doing work methods: 
    Separate air pumps, make certain sufficient vacuum pressure 
    Individual management programs, two handles work independently 
    Separate drinking water pumps, every single take care of with one water pump for effective cooling. 
3. 9L water tank, with large radiator and fans for best cooling, guarantee the device keep doing work with out split for 12 hrs.
four. Substantial high quality parts with ideal internal framework design, to get to a high stage overall performance. 
5. Japan Mitsubishi diodes ML101J27 inside. 
6. Two Cryolipolysis handles and 6 lipolaser pads doing work collectively, for distinct therapy components at exact same time. 

Multifunction Cryolipolysis Lipolaser CZPT Exhibit: 

Cryolipolysis anti freeze membrane: 

The antifreeze membrane is required during the treatment, to safeguard the skin from frostbiting.
A few measurements for option: 


(S) 28*28cm, 60g/bag
(M) 32*32cm, 70g/bag
(L) 34*42cm, 110g/bag
1pcs / bag 
Anti freeze Max -20C
Use Disposable use
Expire day Three many years



Multifunction Cryolipolysis and Lipolaser Body Sculpting Machine with Two Cryo Handles

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