Pumps for Compressor Lubrication

Pumps for Compressor Lubrication

Overall performance data: 
Viscosity: three.~ 760 mm2/ s 
Circulation variety: 10~ 1200 L/ min 
Optimum stress: one.6 MPa 
Max. Temperature: a hundred and twenty

1. Double bushes framework, axial equilibrium at low force, deformation of screw not effortless

two. Wearable and anti-jam working area, with dependable operation 

3. Unique double seal style, with trustworthy sealing impact

HSA series items can transfer different medium with lubricating house but with no solid particles, mostly lubricant ( oil), such as lubrication oil, equipment oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, and so forth. 

The series goods function of simple structure, not only meet up with the working specifications of the CZPT three-screw pumps, but also meet up with the conditions of substantial pace and reduced viscosity As a result, they are widely employed in the fields of equipment, petrochemical, metallurgy, iron & steel, maritime, Centralized lubrication unit, Lube circulation method, compressor program, and many others. 

Mounting Kind: 
F: Fixed mounting with feet assistance and bracket
D: Mounted mounting with set bolt of motor
S: Vertical mounting with support bracket. 

Pumps for Compressor Lubrication

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