Sany Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 56m

Sany Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 56m

SANY Truck-mounted Concrete Pump 56m

Sany SYG5418THB fifty six truck-mounted concrete pump has 56m vertical reach with the top restrict programmed to avert boom speak to with an obstruction or overhead hazard. The 56m concrete pump offers the users reliable pumping functionality together with the highly put on resistant parts such as shipping pipe, discharge port, transition bushing, concrete piston, put on plate, reducing ring and shipping and delivery cylinder that boost the pumping effectiveness and decrease down time.

One Button Stabilization CZPT

The one particular button stabilization engineering rapidly dampens any growth motion ensuing from repositioning the growth. This permits precise positioning of the end hose.

Increase Anti Vibration CZPT

The boom anti vibration technologies decreases vibration during pumping by fifty% permitting much less movement and higher manage of the finish hose.


With cycle times of up to 29 per moment (at 12MPa), pump efficiency is increased up to twenty five% although gas usage is reduced by up to ten%.

Anti Overswing CZPT

By adopting our new swing brake technology, the boom’s overswing amplitude is diminished by 60%

Fault Self Diagnostic CZPT

Continually displays much more than two hundred elements of the program for the duration of procedure. Faults are shown on the keep track of. Evaluation of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.

Smart Increase Technique

  • One particular Button Growth Lengthen/Retract

Press upward on the increase lengthen/retract button to prolong the growth or push downward to retract the growth instantly.

  • Coordinated Part Operation

The growth can be speedily and properly repositioned by coordinating the movement the very first and CZPT sections

Safety CZPT

  • Increase Overload CZPT CZPT

Reduction valves are mounted on the increase cylinder counterbalance valves. These valves will release force in the occasion of abnormal boom load to avoid injury to the boom.

  • Hopper Monitor Interlock CZPT

As an operator security evaluate, the pump will immediately cease when the hopper display is opened.

  • CZPT Oil Level Checking

The oil level in the hydraulic reservoir is continually monitored. If the level drops below a preset amount, an alarm will audio and the pump will be stopped to stop harm to the hydraulic program.


Sany Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 56m


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