Sino-100 Model Small Scale Production Softgel Capsule Making Machine

Sino-100 Model Small Scale Production Softgel Capsule Making Machine

Item Application

Softgel Gelatin Capsule Softgel Encapsulation Paintball Producing CZPT Filling Packing CZPT is the essence condensing
of a long time skilled expertise on softgel. For the duration of the improvement procedure, the designer personallly carried out prolonged-term
generation investigation and study in the softgel generation foundation, merged the qualities of numerous sorts of softgel
equipment, absorbed rationalization tips from operators and verifying by enhanced experiments, adopted intercontinental
innovative control engineering, elaborate designed and specifically manufactured in the spirit of people-oriented. It is a secure and
reliable generation line for producing large top quality softgel. At the identical time, the 3rd technology softgel encapsulation machine
development platform was proven throughout the procedure of growth.

Softgel Gelatin Capsule Softgel Encapsulation Paintball Making CZPT Filling Packing CZPT is mass creation
gear and appropriate for customers with various capacity requirements. The gear has compact framework, straightforward operation,
straightforward routine maintenance, secure functionality, higher production and reduced usage. It is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics,
paintball and chemical industry.



SINO-a hundred



Roller Die Dimension





Roller Die Force





Roller Die Pace

-4rpm Stepless Speed Alter

-4rpm Stepless Pace Adjust

-6rpm Stepless Velocity Alter

-4rpm Stepless Velocity Change

Content Feeding Quantity

four X (-1.five)mL

six X (-one.five)mL

12X (-two)mL

24 X (-one.five)mL

Filling Quantity CZPT:

500mg, ±0.five%


AC380V 50Hz 1.5kW

AC380V 50Hz one.5kW

AC380V 50Hz 7kW

AC380V 50Hz 10kW

Exterior Dimensions





Excess weight






Auxiliary machine technique of soft capsule manufacturing line

1.Complete-Computerized GELATIN MELTING AND Content Source Method
Total-automatic gelatin melting and materials provide system is created according to the true situation of softgel generation.It
can comprehend to produce strictly in accordance to the specified generation procedure and lessen human intervention in manufacturing
process to make sure regularity of gelatin and materials in every batch.

The method is managed by computer.It controls the temperature in the tank, stress, feeding sequence, feeding time, mixing
time and dissolving time according to the technological needs in the total approach.


The method automatic weighing of major materials (e.g.gelatin)excess weight and automated calculation of auxiliary substance(e.g.water
and glycerin, and so on. )dosage into the tank to finish the entire approach.

The program can kind knowledge formulation in accordance to distinct softgel production procedure and backup and archive all approach
parameters.It will be convenient to use once again, basic and successful.

The program includes vacuum stirring technique(Vacuum stirring tank,buffer tank and condensing tank),sizzling water tank,very hot drinking water
circulating pump,h2o ring vacuum pump,circulating water technique,weighing program and manage unit.


SINO sequence vacuum stirring program is a sort of homogenizing products which consists of h2o (steam) tub type heating
vacuum stirring tank, buffer tank and condensing tank. It is widely employed in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and exact chemical industries.
In softgel generation, SINO collection vacuum stirring technique utilized for gelatin melting and resources heating planning approach.

SINO Series Vacuum Stirring Tank can bear a specific good and negative force and the tank human body is three levels framework.
Amongst the interior layer and center layer is the heating medium layer,it can be crammed with scorching h2o or steam to heat the content
within the tank.Amongst the middle and exterior layer is higher efficacy insulation content,which will not impact the place
temperature.The tank physique is manufactured of stainless metal and fully fulfills the GMP necessity. It is the tight construction,secure
stirring,uniformity and lower sound.

There is thermometer on the tank physique to signifies the temperature within the tank. There is vacuumizing outlet, include (exhaust)
air outlet,supplies feeding outlet,sight lamp, security valve and stress gauge on the tank lid. The operation is secure and reliable.

The Buffer Tank to guarantee the substance not flow into the pipe or vacuum pump when vacuumizing to avert the vacuum program

There are cooling pipe within the Condensing Tank, which is employed for storing the scorching air (steam) when vacuumizing to avoid
harm of the vacuum pump.



3.Product SINO-3 Tumble dryer is created by investigation and evaluation of modern drying engineering from many soft capsule
producers house and overseas,combining the big scale manufacturing attributes of comfortable capsule drying. It is entirely challenging
with GMP needs and the complete tools is easy and practicable, inventive and elegant.


The h2o chiller controls compressor start off-up and shutdown by means of automated temperature regulation and the temperature of
coolant can be controlled.It is the auxiliary products for the softgel encapsulation device and blister packing machine and many others.


The shape and sizes of the die roller decides the appearance and filling amount of the gentle capsules.Because of distinct
gelatin liquid houses and various drying process will brings about the drying shrinkage ratio to be inconsistent, the overall dimension
of the finished gentle capsules is diverse from the die roller cavities geometric dimensions will be the standard phenomenon.We can
layout the die roller according to the soft capsule samples and simple approach parameters presented by end users. It can get the sensible
result of the finished products of the delicate capsules.

SINOPED is a expert manufacturer and provider of pharmaceutical and chemical machinery and products in China. We
belong to SINOPEC CZPT Team.

We have a nicely-experienced team to manufacture pharmaceutical equipment and equipment and a specialist design and style institute.
With abundant knowledge in pharmaceutical machinery and gear field and quantities of skilled engineers, we have desined
and developed numerous varieties of machinery and equipment in many varieties. Our principal products are cleanse place venture,softgel
generation line, glass-lined reactors, fermentors, centrifuges, granulators, mixers, dryers, pulverizers, pill presses, comfortable and hard
blister packing devices, capsule filling devices, cartoners and rollers.

In the earlier a long time, we have created fantastic achievements thanks to our good credit score and support. We have established prolonged-term enterprise
relations with a lot of buyers and some of our overseas consumers have appointed us to be their purchase company in China. Our
products are exported to many countries & regions, these kinds of as Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Japan, Denmark,
CZPTia, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, the Usa, Australia, Canada, Argentina and Chile. Apart from equipment and gear,
we also source creation traces, flip important initiatives and know-how.

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Sino-100 Model Small Scale Production Softgel Capsule Making Machine

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