Two Component Insulation Foaming Polyurethane Pneumatic Spray Machine

Two Component Insulation Foaming Polyurethane Pneumatic Spray Machine

CZPT CZPTurethane Spray Foam CZPT

Product description

The new CZPT-E2 air pushed proportioning device is of an superior and compact layout.It is specifically amed at the purposes of polyurethane foamin spot.Its certain configuration facilities straightforward accessibility to all its factors,simiplifies the management functions advert signficantly minimizes the routine maintenance function.


•Primary Heating Systerm

The major heating technique consists of two independent unbiased block heaters with no seals.

•Proportioning Pumps

The method is which includes two positive displacement piston pumps,driven by a pneumatic motor.

•Recirculation Technique

Recirculation of the two parts enables a faster accomplishment of the preset temperatures at the heaters prior to commencing to spray and throughout momentary shutdowns.

•Hose Heating Method

The hose heating system is designed with a thousand w each 15 meter that makes it possible for the heating of up to 90 m.

Product sales Manager: Mia Zhang

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Undertaking CZPT-E2  project polyurethane spraying machine
Fixed host configuration one established
Self-cleaning spray gun one established
Gross bodyweight 250KG
Feed pump 2 sets
Heated hose 49.two ft (15 m)
Info ratio of raw supplies 1: 1 (fixed)
Uncooked content viscosity selection 200-1000CPS (at operating temperature)
Operating force seventeen MPa (one hundred seventy bar)
Highest Fluid Temperature 88 ° C (a hundred ninety ° F)
Optimum output 10 kg / min (22 lb / min)
Every single heater energy 3000W
Heating hose electricity 1000W / 15m
Overall electricity 7500W
Voltage 230V one-ph / 400V three-ph
CZPT dimensions 770mm*560mm*1350mm

Two Component Insulation Foaming Polyurethane Pneumatic Spray Machine

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