Zjr Vacuum Mixer

Zjr Vacuum Mixer

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Product ZJR-one hundred turbine emulsifying equipment is a coaxial and triple variety mixer, ideal to secure homogenizing and emulsifying, the completed granular is extremely tiny. The high quality of emulsifying depends on the disperse of the granular on the preparation phase. The more compact the granular is, the weaker the pattern of accumulation to the surface becomes, therefore the more compact the chance for the emulsifying to be damaged turns into. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the problem of homogenizing turbine and vacuum position, you can get the higher-top quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.

two.1   Application
This unit can be employed for creation of ointments and creams in beauty and pharmaceutical factories, especially for the preparation and emulsification of ground material with big viscosity and large content material of solid.
two.2   Characteristic
This device has this kind of features as simple procedure, secure functionality, good homogenization, substantial production efficiency, handy cleaning, sensible construction, small floor place, and substantial automatization etc. 
two.3   Advantage
This unit applies upper coaxial triple type mixer and hydraulic lifting method to open up the protect. By implementing vacuum sucking, this device can suck in powder substance by using vacuum to avoid powder traveling upward. The whole method is executed underneath the vacuum situation in purchase to maintain from the production of air bubble right after the material is mixed at substantial velocity and up to hygienic asepsis needs. This method is equipped with CIP cleansing gear. The areas of container, which speak to the materials, are made of SUS316L and inner floor mirror polish is up to 300MESH (sanitary degree). In get to guarantee steadiness of control component, the electric management parts utilize the products from German Siemens, the press key is from China firm, frequency converter is from ZheJiang firm, and vacuum pump is from China. The unit is manufactured entirely in conformity with GMP and is the most advanced, ideal ointment and cream manufacturing gear at present in China.

CZPT parameters of total device

Name Item Description
Emulsifying Layout volume(L) a hundred
Doing work capability(L) eighty
Scraper stirring electrical power(kw) one.five
Scraper stirring speed(rpm) ~86
Homogenizer electrical power(kw) three
CZPTtrical heating energy(kw) six
Homogenizer velocity(rpm) 2800
Water pot Layout quantity(L) 60
Functioning capacity(L) forty five
Power(kw) .fifty five
Velocity(rpm) 1400
CZPTtrical heating energy(kw) 4
Oil pot Design and style quantity(L) forty five
Doing work capability(L) 35
Power(kw) .55
Pace(rpm) 1400
CZPTtrical heating electrical power(kw) four
Dimension Emulsifying(L×W×H)mm 1750×650×(2150~2850)
H2o pot and oil pot(L×W×H)mm 1220×610×1300



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Zjr Vacuum Mixer


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