Zlyj133 Gear Reducer for Plastic Extruder Gearbox Speed Reducer

Zlyj133 Gear Reducer for Plastic Extruder Gearbox Speed Reducer

one. In CZPT

ZLYJ collection reducer is a large-precision gear transmission system with thrust pack, which is developed for plastic and rubber screw extruders. The item style shall refer to the complex technical specs of cylindrical gear reducer (JB / t8853-2001). Its characteristic is that equipment and shaft components are created of substantial energy alloy steel. Gears are processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding. The gear accuracy is gb10095-88, grade six. Hardness of tooth surface hrc54 ~ sixty two. The entrance conclude of the hollow output shaft is geared up with large measurement thrust bearing, which bears the axial thrust of the screw when it operates. The total equipment has the characteristics of tiny volume, substantial bearing capability, stable transmission, lower sounds and substantial efficiency.

two. Working problem

The optimum pace of higher-speed shaft shall not exceed 1500r / min

The peripheral velocity of the gear shall not exceed 20 m / s.

The functioning environment temperature is – 40 ºC ~ forty five ºC. If it is reduced than ºC, the lubricating oil shall be preheated to earlier mentioned ºC before starting up. The reducer can be used for operation in equally positive and adverse instructions. Nevertheless, some large-pace shafts are equipped with one-way oil pump. The default route is: clockwise rotation dealing with the output shaft and around the home. If the course adjustments, make sure you indicate when buying.

three. types

Types ZLYJ112,ZLYJ133,ZLYJ146,ZLYJ173,ZLYJ200,ZLYJ225,ZLYJ250,ZLYJ280,ZLYJ315,ZLYJ330,ZLYJ375,ZLYJ420,ZLYJ450
Nominal transmission ratio eight,10,12.5,14,sixteen,eighteen,twenty


Zlyj133 Gear Reducer for Plastic Extruder Gearbox Speed Reducer

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