90kw High Efficiency Ie5 Ie4 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor IP55 for Vacuum Pump

90kw High Efficiency Ie5 Ie4 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor IP55 for Vacuum Pump


Business Identify HangZhou Wonder CZPTtric Co.,Ltd
Headquarters location HangZhou City, ZheJiang CZPT, China
Recognized 12 months 1988
Major CZPT CZPTr of best course CZPTtric CZPT IE5 IE4 IE3 & NEMA
CZPT Line Everlasting CZPT Syn. motors, Reluctance motors, Asyn. motors, NEMA (inverter obligation)
R & D Staff Has fifteen senior engineers, unbiased create entire series IE1-IE5 motors, NEMA design and style A,B,C,D.

IE4 induction motor is previously in Mass Manufacturing.  

IE4/IE5 PM motors in Mass Manufacturing. 

CZPT Qualification A few models of entirely outfitted examination centers
Energy screening .75kW-2000kW
CZPT-duty Examination
Sound Test
UL / CSA witness tests lab.
CZPT Manage Seven owned factories like motors, stamping and casting. 
All the step from coming components to completed products take a look at are below strictly management.
OEM & ODM Personalize the very best technique remedy to make your equipments much more aggressive in the industry. 

90KW Higher Performance IE5 IE4 Long term CZPT Synchronous Motor IP55 for Vacuum Pump

Ponder WST Collection PM motors are provided with construct-in permanent magnetic metal developed from uncommon earth long term magnet substance (NdFeB) which is with substantial coercive pressure and hypertonic magnetic induction force. The motor assures higher functionality whilst giving higher energy density. Even in the case of overload, the motor can also show exceptional electrical attributes.

WST Sequence understood our aim to attract more electricity for every frame, preserving the place for set up considerably. The motor is able to output constant torque at all pace, and the performance indicators are even far better than individuals of induction motor at lower pace.

The performance indicators of WST Series are in accordance with IE5 and IE4 amounts defined by IEC60034-30, 2014.

WST Series are equipped with EM30 inverter, which can be applied in which is damp, full of dust or vibration. The inverter adopts open heat fins, which can entirely make certain the cooling influence, and are effortless to clear and versatile to put in. The EM30 inverter can be broadly used in standard equipment this sort of as pumps, ventilators, as properly as electrical transmission instances necessitating increased amount of defense.

Ponder WST everlasting magnet motors characteristic sequence of technological benefits this kind of as operating at a variety of pace, exact manage at lower pace, minimal sound, compact construction, and many others. The motors are commonly used exactly where velocity variation, high efficiency, minimal sound levels and reduced quantity are necessary.

CZPT Traits

* Variable-frequency pace control and continual torque

* No rotor losses, minimal temp. rise, high effectiveness (IE5, IE4)

* In the scenario of overload, providing superb effectiveness

* High torque density, large power density, substantial energy issue

* No encoder necessary

* No slip, synchro-pace, exact speed control is realized

* Consistent power at weak magnetic pace regulation

* Broad velocity range, motor direct generate is supported

Frame Measurement (mm) IEC seventy one to 315
Output Electrical power (KW) .55KW to 400KW
Rated Voltage (V) 230V/400V/690V
Frequency (Hz)

Variable-frequency pace manage


1500-4500 r/m

Mounting B3, B35, B5, B14, B34, V1
CZPT Course IP55, IP65, IP67
Insulation Course Class F, Class H
Temperature Rise B or above 
CZPT Strategy IC411/IC416
Programs CZPT Pressure CZPT, Pump CZPT, CZPT CZPT, Air flow Enthusiast Motor, Wind Turbine CZPT, Gearbox CZPT, Centrifugal Motor, Elevators CZPT, CZPT CZPT CZPT, Grinders CZPT, Conveyor Belt CZPT, Highway CZPTry CZPT.
CZPT H2o Remedy, CZPT, Onshore and Offshore, Air Handling, CZPT & Metallurgy, Textile CZPT, Paper Milling, Food & Beverage & CZPT, CZPT & Oil, Woodworking, Paper producing, CZPT, Smelt CZPT, Metal Crops and many others.


90kw High Efficiency Ie5 Ie4 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor IP55 for Vacuum Pump

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