china best Compact Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pump with Air Flush System manufacturers

Product Description

Compact Oil-totally free Scroll Vacuum Pump with Air Flush technique, three hundred L/min – EQ-ISP250C-LD

IPS250C is a compact oil-totally free scroll vacuum pump with 250 L/min for 50Hz (300L/min for 60Hz) displacement. Less sounds & vibration supply the greater doing work setting. Developed-in air flush program gets rid of dampness routinely.

Model ISP-250C


Total oil-totally free layout
Compact and light bodyweight
Energy preserving = Much less CZPT usage
Significantly less sound / vibration
Considerably less upkeep
Air flush technique eliminates dampness
Motor Single-phase (A few-phase and 400V CZPT provide is CZPT CZPT at additional value)
Output:   .4 KW
Voltage: 120V~200V (Adjustable by changing terminal plate, for details please refer to operation guide)
Displacement  50Hz 250 L/min (4.2 L/s)
60Hz 300 L/min (5. L/s)
Ultimate pressure  <=1.6 Pa  ( 1.2 x 10-2 torr )
Max. vacuum level Close to 20 mtorr
Leak tightness  <=1.0×10E-5 Pa.m3/s
Max. inlet pressure Atmospheric pressure
Ambient operating temperature 5ºC~40ºC
Sound stage 1m dB(A)
With air-flush ON
Inlet connection NW25
Outlet connection NW16
Path of inlet Vertical
Equipment two sets of KF25 clamps
one bellows
1 established of KF16 clamp (For sealing the exhaust port )
Dimensions (mm) L×W×H 400×252×336
Mass (kg) twenty five
Cooling technique Air-cooled


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china best Compact Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pump with Air Flush System manufacturers

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