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Item Description

Product Description

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new kind of conveying gear, which makes use of compressed air as the CZPT resource. It can be employed for all kinds of ultra-low temperature liquids, corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, higher viscosity, risky, flammable, and hugely toxic liquids, which can all be exhausted.

Doing work Theory
In the two symmetrical operating chambers of the diaphragm pump, each and every is geared up with an elastic diaphragm, and the connecting rod integrates the two diaphragms into 1. Right after the compressed air enters the air valve chamber from the consumption joint of the pump, it pushes the diaphragms of the two doing work chambers and drives the diaphragms related by the connecting rods to shift synchronously. At the identical time, the gasoline in the other functioning chamber is discharged out of the pump from the back again of its diaphragm. When the piston reaches the end of the stroke, the valve system will instantly introduce compressed air into the other operating chamber, and thrust the diaphragm pump to shift in the reverse course, which varieties a synchronous reciprocating motion of the two diaphragms. Two 1-way ball valves are set in each and every working chamber. The reciprocating motion of the diaphragm brings about the internal volume of the doing work chamber to adjust. As the two one particular-way ball valves alternately open and close, ongoing suction and discharge of liquid will occur.

Low temperature pneumatic diaphragm pump
Product LQF-one LQF-3 LQF-seven LQF-22 LFQ-34 LFQ-sixty two
Greatest circulation (t/h) one 3 7 22 34 62
Maximum raise (m) 70 70 84 84 84 eighty four
Maximum suction (m) four 4.5 five.48 five.forty eight 5.48 seven.6
Outlet pressure (Mpa) .7 .seven .eighty four .eighty four .84 8.four
Conveying medium temperature (ºC) -eighty ~ a hundred and fifty
Particle diameter (mm) one.five 2.5 3.two 6.four six.four nine.four
Caliber (mm) 15 20 25 forty 50 eighty
Inlet caliber (in) 43834 43834 43832 43832 43832 43894
Air usage (m3/min) .36 .36 .sixty seven .9 one.5-2 43894
Air compressor advice (kw) 3 three 5.5 seven.5 44150 22

Merchandise Specifics
Product Purposes

one.Chemical industry: acids, alkalis, solvents, suspended solids, dispersion techniques.
two.Petrochemical industry: crude oil, large oil, grease, mud, sludge, and so forth.
3.Coating sector: resin, solvent, colorant, paint, and so on.
four.Every day chemical market: detergent, shampoo, lotion, product, hand cream, surfactant.
5.Ceramic business: mud slurry, pottery slurry, lime slurry, clay slurry.
six.Mining market: coal slurry, magma, mud, mortar, explosive slurry, lubricating oil, and so forth.
seven.Drinking water remedy: lime slurry, comfortable sediment, sewage, chemical compounds, wastewater.
eight.Meals industry: liquid semi-sound, chocolate, brine, vinegar, syrup, vegetable oil, soybean oil,honey, animal blood.
nine.Beverage business: yeast, syrup, concentrate, fuel-liquid mixture, wine, fruit juice, etc.
ten.Pharmaceutical market: solvents, acids, alkalis, plant extracts, ointments, plasma and other pharmaceutical liquids.
11.Paper industry: binders, resins, paints, inks, pigments, hydrogen peroxide, and many others.
twelve.Electronics sector: solvents, electroplating solutions, cleaning remedies, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, squander acids, corrosive acids.
13.Textile sector: dye chemicals, resins, glues, and so forth.
fourteen.Construction market: cement slurry, ceramic tile binder, rock slurry, ceiling paint, etc.
fifteen.Automotive market: sharpening emulsion, oil, coolant, automotive primer, oil emulsion paint, varnish, additives,degreasing fluid, paint, etc.
16.Furnishings business: adhesives, varnishes, dispersion techniques, solvents, colorants, white wooden glue, epoxy resin,starch binder.
17.Metallurgy, casting and dyeing sector: metallic slurry, hydroxide and carbide slurry, dust washing slurry, etc.

Corollary Products

1. CZPT steel tank, employed for feeding and discharging

2. Extract centrifuge, utilised for feeding and discharging

3. CZPT , employed for pressurized feed


Q: Why does the air operated diaphragm pump not have a CZPT cord?
This is a gadget that uses compressed air as a CZPT source and does not demand direct CZPT link.

Q: What must I do if the pulse is really robust when the liquid of the air operated diaphragm pump circulates?
Beneath regular situations, there is a pulse, if you need to remove the pulse, you can choose a pulse damper.

Q: Can the pneumatic diaphragm pump suck in and discharge reduced-temperature ethanol at -80°C?
Indeed. All parts exposed to lower-temperature ethanol are created of low-temperature-resistant stainless steel and PTFE.

Q: Can the diaphragm pump function when there is strain in the inlet?
No, there are four ball valves and ball seats on the upper and decrease covers of the diaphragm pump. When the inlet is beneath stress, the ball can’t fall back again and produce suction.

Q: Can the tools be CZPT ?

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Diaphragm oil-cost-free pumps for glass, stainless steel, and plastic dryers. The hydrophobic PTFE in-line filter membrane is in place and consists of particles bigger than .1 microns. The pump attributes 1/8 HP, greatest pressure of fifty PSI, and a maximum temperature of 38°C to prevent fluid and air contamination, as nicely as exhaust backup. The pump features oil-free of charge operation, rugged development, simple hose connections, and a greatest steady pressure of 50 PSIG. Attributes Vacuum pump safeguards from all fluid and air contamination Can be used to avoid harmful exhaust backup Oil-free of charge procedure Rugged building/low upkeep 50 PSIG greatest continuous strain
china best Dual Vacuum Waste Water Electric Air Operated Diaphragm Pump manufacturers

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