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CBF liquid ring/ drinking water ring vacuum pump is a new-generation substitution of 2BE1 pump, handling air or gas with no solids and doing work-liquid-insoluble or marginally soluble.


  • Far more energy-saving than 2BE1 pumps when operating at two hundred-1013 mbar.
  • Higher reliability because of much reduce impeller linear velocity and lower sound.
  • Exclusive construction

              (1)  A versatile valve plate make it possible that discharge angle adjusts routinely with higher

                 efficiency at all time.

           (2)  An computerized drain valve safeguards the pump from overload by managing water amount.

           (3)  Cooled working liquid can be primed into the pump by itself.

           (4)  Partition wall sort pump casing.

           (5)  Split sort packing gland can be very easily taken out for services.

Working theory
Design Notation 
Efficiency curves and installation drawings

Business Data


one  — What about the materials of the pump?

     — Aside from the common material, the wetted finishes can be in distinct stainless steel to fulfill CZPT


             SEBF macromolecular ceramic coating can also be CZPT for arduous processing purposes

             where corrosion resistance is strictly necessary. This technology will also substantially reduce the

             deposit development owing to its easy surfaces following SEBF being coated onto the wetted areas.

 2  — Could CBF pumps substitute 2BE1 immediately?

     — If you are searching for the alternative of your present 2BE1 pumps which is running at two hundred to 1013

             mbar, we can offer a ideal CBF kinds with no want of chaning the pipings.

             The energy will be saved and the reconstruction expense is diminished, just like get rid of two birds with one particular


 3  — What are the pumps primarily utilized in?

     — Unfavorable pressure dedusting in CZPT business

             Vacuum distillation, crystallizing in petrochemical business

             Vacuum methods in tabacco business

             Vacuum techniques and de-aeration in paper making business

             Varying adsorption in fuel generating

             Vacuum floatation and filtration in fuels sector and mine

             Methane eliminating from coal bed in coal mine.

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The claw vacuum pump is one hundred% oil and operates without having speak to. For this objective, the claw rotor rotates in the reverse route within the compression chamber with no getting in touch with the housing. Undertake claw technology, high effectiveness, and lower use.
china best ISO 9001 CE Certificate High Efficiency Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Water Pump Food Pump Chemical Pump manufacturers

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