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Item Description 

Short Description of vacuum pump liquid ring

YH500 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump is a sort of variable quantity type vacuum pump, and is a new kind with superb features and high high quality soon after advancement on the foundation of studying deserves and getting rid of shortcoming of similar items at residence and abroad. YH500 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump’s rotating speed≥1390r/min enter CZPT ≤550W ultimate vacuum is 700Kpa volume stream is 40L/min. This pump can be commonly used in experiments of vacuum filtration, rotary evaporator, refrigeration, dryness, vacuum focus and molecular distillation.

Doing work principle of YH500 diaphragm vacuum pump:
The motor shaft is sheathed with an eccentric wheel, 1 stop of the connecting rod is sheathed on the eccentric wheel, and the other end is linked with the gentle membrane. With the rotation of the motor to generate the connecting rod for reciprocating motion. The rod is driven diaphragm which mounted on the pump body to do recycle motion, to make elastic deformation, so that pumping chamber volume altered periodically. In the pump physique, there are an inlet and an exhaust valve, inhale when the volume becomes big, exhaust when the quantity gets to be modest, thereby get to the goal of pumping gasoline.

Solution Features of YH500 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump:
one.There is filtering materials in the fuel trade position, thereby making certain the cleanness of air
two.Operating without having medium, so no oil vapor air pollution, is the best tools to obtain thoroughly clean vacuum
3.New technology and new resources are utilised in the generation process, it is easy to transfer and perform effortlessly, therefore making certain the best vacuum diploma and the larger air stream charge
four.Employing CZPT friction of the film human body movement, no warmth, no friction decline. Diaphragm employs imported rubber, corrosion resistance, CZPT support life
five.Force adjustable layout, can meet up with a certain selection of vacuum and gas stream fee
6.The bearings use imported vintage bearings, sleek operating, lower sound, substantial efficiency.

Item Exhibit

Technical Parameter

Model YH500 YH700
Voltage/Hertz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Rotating velocity ≥1390r/min ≥1390r/min
Input CZPT ≤550W ≤800W
Functioning temperature five~40ºC 5~40ºC
Very vacuum 700Kpa 700Kpa
Volume circulation 40L/min 56L/min
Measurement 264.5×127×186mm 262×128×214.5mm
Insulation grade B B

Corollary Equipment 

one. YH500 diaphragm pump corollary use with freezer dryer to get to vacuum state, it really is an crucial corollary products in drugs freeze drying, biology, food sector and agricultural goods deep processing.
2. YH500 diaphragm pump corollary use with vacuum drying oven for maintaining vacuum condition within the oven, they mostly applies in powder drying and baking in vacuum condition.
3. YH500 diaphragm pump corollary use with rotary evaporator for vacuum pumping, they are broadly used in the focus, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in industries as medication, chemical CZPT , biopharmacy, and many others..
four. YH500 diaphragm pump corollary use with vacuum filter so as to filtrate vacuum for liquid content, they are perfect vacuum filtration devices in chemical CZPT , medicine, petroleum, papermaking and other areas.

Recommending CZPT s

Q: Is YH500 diaphragm vacuum pump need to have media when run?

A: In the working condition, it isn’t going to need working medium, so there is no oil vapor air pollution.

Q: What is the greatest vacuum which YH500 vacuum pump liquid ring can reached?

A: The optimum vacuum is 700Kpa.

Q: Comparing to similar products,what’s the advantage of  YH500?

Modest dimension and light bodyweight
Straightforward to transfer, perform smoothly
Sturdy pumping pressure, resistance rot cavity, CZPT employing daily life
No media operation, clean and sanitary, risk-free and trustworthy
Sleek operating, lower sounds, high performance.

EP VP sequence oil-free vacuum pump has minimal sound and high performance. Developed for portability and flexibility, the series attributes a rugged, light-weight enclosure and corrosion-resistant finishes/primary elements. The overall performance qualities of the lengthy-dress in motors are suitable for a wide variety of applications this sort of as vacuum filtration, degassing, impregnation, drying chambers, rotary evaporators, distillations, gel dryers, and fuel analysis systems.
china Cheap Mini Portable Air Vacuum Liquid Electric Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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