china Custom Straight League Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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Straight league rotary vane vacuum pump

Straight league rotary vane vacuum pump is used for one of the simple gear of pumping gasoline seal container. It can different effect, also can be employed as booster pump, diffusion pump, moleculat pump etc’s backing pump, keeping pump,titanium pump to be drainage pump to use. Can be used for electrical vacuum device manufacturing, vacuum flask, vacuum welding, printing, blister, reftigeration gear mend, and kind a complete set of devices and meters,and so forth. Due to the fact of modest volume, light-weight high quality, and lower running seem,so far more suitable for utilizing in the lab.

1.affordable price

2. higher efficiency and performance 

three. substantial good quality


This collection of pumps are employed for pumping air in sealed vessels. It can be utilized on your own, also can be used as the forepump, diffusion pump, and molecular pump.


Design speed of
Final pressure(Pa) Rotating CZPT suction port Oil Motor CZPT
Dimension WeightKg
XZ-one 1 six / eleven .15 .09 250*one hundred fifty*two hundred 7.five
XZ-1.five 1.five six / 15 .2 .12 300*one hundred fifty*200 ten
2XZ-.twenty five .twenty five 6×10-two 1400 Φ10 .3   .12 400*one hundred twenty five*224 15
2XZ-.5 .five 6×10-two 1400 Φ13 .42 .eighteen 445*one hundred twenty five*256 eighteen
2XZ-one one 6×10-2 1400 Φ19 .4   .twenty five 445*a hundred twenty five*256 19
2XZ-2 two 6×10-two 1400 Φ19 .forty eight .37 478*148*227 27
2XZ-4 four   6×10-2 1400 Φ19   .fifty five .fifty five 518*148*227 thirty
2XZ-eight 8 6×10-two 1400 Φ32 .seven .75 510*a hundred sixty five*282 35


This vacuum pump is designed for deeper vacuums down to 75 microns. Precision machined principal pumps take away dampness from air conditioning programs for secure refrigerant addition. This solitary-phase vacuum pump is ideal for automotive air conditioning, HVAC operate, and other operations that call for a large vacuum from a compact pump. 1st stage vacuum to 75 microns Durable die-forged aluminum housing and hassle-free leading handle Easy to use
china Custom Straight League Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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