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Solution Description

   2SK collection two-phase water-ring vacuum pump and 2SK-P1 series two-stage drinking water-ring vacuum pump-atmospheric jet pump unit are vacuum pumps and The vacuum device has the traits of large vacuum diploma, higher pumping speed in higher vacuum variety, compact framework, trustworthy use and hassle-free assembly and disassembly.
   The unit is composed of 2SK h2o ring vacuum pump and one particular-stage atmospheric jet pump. Customers can use the two-stage drinking water-ring vacuum pump by yourself in accordance to their demands.
  2SK water ring vacuum pump or unit is used to pump air or other gas insoluble in drinking water, cost-free of solid particles and CZPT -corrosive, so as to type a certain degree of vacuum in a shut container. It is suitable for light textile, foods, metallurgy, chemical market. It is utilised in vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resuscitation, vacuum drying, vacuum smelting and other procedures in industrial sector.

Item Images:

Working Principle:

   The operating theory of the 2SK drinking water ring vacuum pump is demonstrated in Figure 1. The impeller (5) is eccentrically put in in the pump physique (3). When the impeller rotates, the h2o is thrown about by the centrifugal drive. A rotating water ring (6) is formed in between the impellers. The interior area of the upper part of the h2o ring is in get in touch with with the impeller hub. When the impeller rotates clockwise, in the procedure of the 1st 50 percent rotation, the inner area of the h2o ring gradually separates from the hub, and the cavity fashioned between the adjacent two blades steadily raises. , the pumped gas passes via the pump inlet pipe (4), and is continually sucked into the cavity by way of the crescent-shaped suction hole (7) throughout the CZPT fifty percent-turn, the inner area of the drinking water ring progressively methods the hub, and the area in between the two adjacent blades The cavity is progressively reduced and the gas is compressed, so the stress is continuously improved. When the strain is increased to be better than the exterior stress, the gas is discharged, so that the gas in the sealed container is repeatedly drawn away to form a specified vacuum.

                                                      Figure 1 Doing work basic principle diagram

  1. Exhaust pipe 2. Air outlet 3. Pump physique 4. Consumption pipe 5. Impeller 6. H2o ring 7. Suction hole

    The atmospheric jet vacuum pump is a jet pump, and its doing work principle is briefly described as follows: Because of to the action of the 2SK h2o ring vacuum pump, the pumped container types a particular pre-vacuum. When it is close to the ultimate vacuum of the pump, the atmospheric pump is turned on. At this time, The force big difference amongst the outside ambiance (or pressurized gasoline) and the consumption pipe is very huge. Below the motion of this stress big difference, the atmosphere (or gas) is speedily drawn into the suction pipe. Soon after passing via the nozzle of the atmospheric pump, the airflow velocity is further elevated, so The force drops rapidly so that a relatively large vacuum (evidently higher than the pump’s supreme vacuum) is designed in the nozzle, which carries on to attract the gasoline currently being pumped into the pump.

Construction Description:

           Figure two Structural diagram of two-stage water ring pump with air pumping potential earlier mentioned 1.5m3/min (2SK-1.5)

    The structure of the 2SK drinking water ring vacuum pump with an air extraction capacity of 1.5m3/min or more is revealed in Determine 2. The CZPT and short impellers seventeen and sixteen are fastened on the shaft 2 with keys, the center of the two impellers is positioned with a shaft sleeve 20, and locked with a garden nut. It constitutes the total rotor part, and is eccentrically set up in the pump human body, supported on two single-row radial ball bearings, and the rotor element is connected with the motor shaft by a coupling 18, so that it rotates at the exact same speed with the motor, and it is CZPT . The impeller seventeen, the CZPT pump entire body 9 and the suction element sort a high vacuum stage, the short pump human body 5, the brief impeller 16 and the discharge portion kind a low vacuum phase, and the exhaust port of the high vacuum phase and the suction port of the lower vacuum phase are linked by a connecting pipe ( 2SK-1.5 without this connecting pipe) becomes a two-stage series, the two phases are separated by an intermediate wall (A) 7 and an intermediate wall (B) 6, there are exhaust holes on the intermediate wall (A), and the intermediate wall (B) There is a suction port on the prime.

                                    Figure 3 Composition diagram of 2SK-.4, 2SK-.8 two-phase h2o ring vacuum pump

   The construction of 2SK-.4, 2SK-.8 two-stage h2o ring vacuum pump is shown in Figure 3, and its substantial and minimal vacuum stage structure is basically the very same as that of the pump proven in Figure 2 (no connecting pipe). Employing a particular extended shaft motor, the CZPT and short impellers are set on the shaft with keys, but they can be floated axially and eccentrically positioned in the CZPT and quick pump bodies.
   The seals at both ends of the 2SK h2o ring vacuum pump use oil-impregnated asbestos packing or mechanical seals.
One conclude of the substantial vacuum phase has a drinking water inlet hole, from which the supplementary h2o enters the CZPT pump physique of the higher vacuum phase, and the supplementary drinking water of the reduced vacuum stage is discharged from the substantial vacuum phase. (2SK-twelve, 2SK-20, 2SK-thirty reduced vacuum level make-up drinking water is also supplied from the drinking water supply pipe, but the amount ought to be modified by way of the valve). The substantial and lower vacuum stages are firmly connected with each other by pressure bolts.        

Product performance and parameters:

 2SK-Tow Phase H2o Ring Vacuum Pump and 2SK-Pone Tow Phase H2o Ring Vacuum Pump-Fuel CZPT Vacuum CZPT ry technological rules are illustrated in Chart 1 and Chart two
Chart 1

Type Capacity Pressure boundaries
Supplying ability
Max Suction stress=-.093Mpa
2SK-.4 .four .25 -.096(-725) 2.two 2860 3~5 Gone′′
2SK-.eight .eight .five -.096(-725) 3 2880 5~8 Gone′′
2SK-1.five one.5 .9 -.097(-730) 4 1440 10~fifteen φ40
2SK-3 3 two -.098(-735) seven.five 1440 15~twenty φ40
2SK-6 6 four -.098(-735) fifteen 1460 25~35 φ70
2SK-12 twelve eight -.098(-735) 22 970 40~fifty φ100
2SK-20 twenty 14 -.098(-735) 37 740 60~eighty φ125
2SK-30 thirty twenty -.098(-735) fifty five 740 70~ninety φ125

Chart 2

Model Capacity m3/min Pressure restrictions
Supplying ability
Suction stress
suction stress
suction force
2SK-.4P1 .28 .24 .two -.099(-750) two.2 2840 three~five
2SK-.8P1 .fifty six .48 .4 -.099(-750) three 2880 5~8
2SK-1.5P1 1.05 .9 .seventy five -.099(-750) 4 1440 10~15
2SK-3P1 1.8 one.5 -.099(-750) 7.five 1440 fifteen~twenty
2SK-6P1 4.two 3.six three -.099(-750) 15 1450 25~35
2SK-12P1 8.4 seven.2 6 -.099(-750) 22 970 forty~50
2SK-20P1 14 twelve ten -.099(-750) forty five 740 sixty~eighty
2SK-30P1 21 eighteen fifteen -.099(-750) fifty five 740 70~ninety

Be aware:
one.The efficiency common in chart signifies the functionality regular on the problem of pursuing circumstance.

  • Atmosphere force:. 1013Mpa (760mmHg)
  • Drinking water tempreture:15ºC
  • Air tempreture:20ºC
  • The relative humidity 70%

2.Providing drinking water ability: benefit of inlet stress -.05Mpa(-400mmHg)
three.Overall performance allowed uncertainty: ±10%

Merchandise Application:

1. 2SK water ring vacuum pump is used to pump air and other gases that are CZPT -corrosive, insoluble in drinking water and cost-free of strong particles, so as to obtain a greater vacuum in a shut container.

two. 2SK water ring vacuum pump is suitable for working conditions in which the suction pressure is lower than -.08mpa. 2sk collection drinking water ring water ring pumps are suitable for doing work problems where the suction stress is reduced than -.096mpa.  

3. 2SK drinking water ring vacuum pumps are widely utilized in vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resuscitation, vacuum drying and vacuum smelting in food, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries and digital fields.

4. 2SK drinking water ring vacuum pump has the qualities of high vacuum diploma, large pumping pace in the vacuum area, compact construction, close operating and practical servicing.

five. The 2SK series is utilized in the operating situations the place the suction strain is reduced than -.08MPa.

Item Functions:

one. Underneath the exact same shaft CZPT of 2SK water ring vacuum pump, the shaft CZPT is significantly greater than that of 2bv vacuum and 2BE drinking water ring pump.
two. The 2SK h2o ring vacuum pump has the attributes of substantial vacuum degree and substantial pumping velocity in the substantial vacuum area.
three. 2SK collection drinking water ring vacuum pump is equal to two SK h2o ring pumps. Considering that the h2o ring pump can only achieve a vacuum degree of -.093mpa, the 2SK h2o ring pump with a CZPT er pumping pace and a vacuum degree of -.098mpa has been developed.

Organization Profile:

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Robust rotary vane pumps are also ideal for higher differential pressures in vacuum purposes. Eccentrically mounted rotors with grooves rotate in cylindrical housings where exactly mounted sliding vanes go and individual doing work chambers
china near me shop 2sk Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Double Stage Liquid Ring Pump manufacturers

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