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Product Description

Types 2BV and SK are single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps.
Design 2SK is double stages liquid ring vacuum pump.
The liquid-ring vacuum pump compresses gas by rotating a vaned impeller inside a cylindrical casing. Liquid (typically water) is fed into the pump, and by centrifugal acceleration, forms a shifting cylindrical ring from the within of the casing. This liquid ring produces a series of seals in the space amongst the impeller vanes, which type compression chambers. The eccentricity among the impeller’s axis of rotation and the casing geometric axis benefits in a cyclic variation of the quantity enclosed by the vanes and the ring.
Gas, typically air, is drawn into the pump by way of an inlet port in the conclude of the casing. The gas is trapped in the compression chambers shaped by the impeller vanes and the liquid ring. The reduction in volume induced by the impeller rotation compresses the fuel, which reports to the discharge port in the stop of the casing.
Compressed gasoline on discharge of pump is made up of certain quantity of functioning liquid which is normally removed in vapor-liquid separator.

One stage or two phase liquid ring vacuum pumps are the best for specific, humid, soiled or high ability programs in weighty industries,a assortment of which can be discovered under.
The 2BV, SK and 2SK collection are the workhorses: proven, robust and dependable machines that deliver utility or process vacuum.
2BV SK and 2SK series pumps are for that reason appropriate for use in the following market:
· Standard manufacturing · CZPT operate industry
· Food processing · CZPT eum sector
· Paint industry· CZPT
· CZPT industry· Oil and gas
· Paper and allied products · CZPT
· Brick extrusion· Textile market
· CZPT motive industry· CZPT and utilities
· Cement and allied merchandise


Efficiency data:

Model Size Greatest vacuum Highest air stream Motor Velocity Water usage Pump diameter
kpa M3/min KW Rpm L/min mm
2BV 2060 3.three .45 2880 two 25
2061 .87 1.5 2880 two twenty five
2070 one.33 three 2880 two.5 40
2071 1.eighty three four 2880 four.2 40
5110 two.seventy five 4 1450 7 fifty
5111 3.83 five.5 1450 8.five 50
5121 4.sixty eight 7.5 1450 10 sixty five
5131 six.sixty eight eleven 1450 15 sixty five
5161 eight.3 15 970 twenty eighty
SK one.5 8.3 1.five four 1440 15 70
3 three 5.5 1440 20 70
6 6 11 1440 thirty 80
nine nine 15 970 fifty 80
12 twelve eighteen.5 970 fifty 80
fifteen fifteen 30 730 60 one hundred fifty
20 twenty 37 730 60 150
thirty thirty 55 730 a hundred a hundred and fifty
forty two forty two seventy five 730 one hundred thirty 150
2SK 1.five 3.3 one.five 7.5 1440 15 forty
3 3 7.5 1440 20 forty
six 6 fifteen 1440 30 70
9 9 eighteen.five 970 fifty 100


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2BV two phase h2o ring vacuum pump
SK single stage liquid ring vacuum pump
2SK two stage liquid ring vacuum pump
2BE double stage liquid ring vacuum pump


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china near me shop Electric Stwo Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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