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Solution Description

Mini Handheld CZPT matic Cease Vacuum Sealer CZPT

one. One contact operation, vacuums airtight by pressing 1 button
two. Intelligent car-end perform, automated end when vacuum sealing completed
3. Powered by battery or AC adapter, two options as your convinient
4. ABS materials, impact, warmth, abrasion, reduced temperature resistance, and easy maintain
five. CZPT vacuum CZPT , with highest vacuum force sixty two.5KPA, suction CZPT  8L/Moment, which ensures it can be 8-twelve CZPT s to seal
6. Mini measurement, very hassle-free to just take along, specifically suited for food preservation during vacation or outside pursuits
7. Vast Application, ideal for reusable vacuum luggage(sous vide bag),vacuum container, vacuum jar, vacuum CZPT lid, wine bottle stopper
8. Efficient & Multifunction, not only for sound and semi-reliable meals freezer storage this kind of as clean meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and treats vacuuming and sealing, also h2o-proof for letters, journals, travel license, funds and many others., and many other family products storage which is prevented from dust and humidity.

Using  actions:
one. Set the foodstuff(or the things which need to have to be vacuum packed) into the vacuum sealing bags, which is reusable for a lot more than thirty-50 times
2.  Pull the zipper
three.  Spot the Bag flat on the counter making confident there is no meals over the CZPT imum Fill Line or underneath the Air Valve
4.  Push Vacuum Sealer Tip flat against the Air Valve
five.  Push the button to take away air from bag, it will computerized end operating when the vacuum concluded, or you can press button one particular more time when the bag turns into limited as you want. 
(** Similar operation for vacuum container, vacuum jar, vacuum CZPT lid, wine bottle stopper**)

Application with vacuum bags/containers/jars/lids: 
1. Preserve food fresh 3-5 instances CZPT er than traditional storage methods
two. Help save income by getting in bulk and pre-packaging specific servings
three. Reseal open up bags of cooked food items,dry foods and other food items
4. Protect from freezer burn, spoilage and odor
five. Protect cherished pictures and useful files
6. Hold charts, maps and matches secure and dry when boating or camping
seven. Seal baseball cards and stamps
8. Wrap cosmetics for travel to safeguard from spills
9. Avert silver and jewelry from tarnishing
ten. Reusable vacuum bag is also perfect for sous vide cooking

Present box bundle set: 1pc vacuum sealer, 3pcs vacuum bags in 21x22cm, 2pcs x vacuum bags in 26x28cm, 1pc DC adapter(optional), 1pc manual

1 Established/Color box
BOX Measurement: 27×9.5×9.5cm
MEAS: 50.5×28.5×40.5CM
G.W.: ten.9KGS
N.W.: 10.2KGS



What is the Vacuum Food Storage Program? 
The Vacuum Food Storage Program is an innovative item made to prolong the shelf existence of your food substantially. It includes an distinctive hand-held Vacuum Sealer that removes air from the patented Vacuum Foodstuff Luggage. Air out, Freshness in. 
How do the Handy Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Meals Bags perform?
The Useful Vacuum Sealer functions with the patented special vacuum Foods Luggage with zip best and air valve.  As soon as air is removed, the Bag varieties a limited seal close to the foods.  This program practically eradicates freezer burn off throughout freezer storage and retard oxidation & progress of bacteria, and hold your foods fresh 5 occasions CZPT er than other classic storage techniques.
What is the benefit of your helpful vacuum sealer, assess to other standard countertop vacuum sealer?

one.  Same function, but very good high quality,large-performance and expense-powerful.

2.  Easy to use, keep and thoroughly clean, just one particular hand operation.

three.  Convenience, not only use at residence but you can also can just take it to anyplace,such as out of doors camping,fishing,picnic,and many others.


Are the vacuum foodstuff bag reusable?

Of course, the vacuum bag can be utilised yet again and again, reusable for about thirty-fifty instances


Is there any variation amongst your vacuum foods bag and other food luggage?

Yes, CZPT  Vacuum Meals Bags have a patented Zipper Closure and Air Valve that work with CZPT Helpful Vacuum Sealer to remove air and seal restricted close to the food. CZPT food luggage don’t have this excellent function and it’s effortless to cause the food damage or go bad.


Can the vacuum bag retailer liquid?

It is not advised to shop liquids or liquid dependent meals,these kinds of as soup,porridge and so on.

It really is excellent to shop the meats freezing coated,fruits and dry foodstuff,or even stamps,photos,forks and so on.


Can I take Vacuum Luggage in the microwave?
Of course, CZPT vacuum baggage are suited to put into microwave for ice-melting/defrosting utilizing the defrost (thirty% CZPT ) environment. Open the zipper, Place Bag on a microwave-secure dish just before placing in microwave.  After defrosting, deal with with treatment as Bag and contents could be hot.


How CZPT will the batteries final in the Helpful Meals Vacuum Sealer?
Normally typical batteries can be used for 3 hrs continuously,but it can range based on Bag contents and usage designs. Put in six new AA alkaline batteries when needed. Or you can use AC adapter to make the sealer perform right.

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china near me shop Electric Vacuum Food Sealer Automatic Packing Sealing Machine Household Kitchen Pump Appliances manufacturers

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