china price 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Test Tuner Tool Kit manufacturers

Product Description

Developed for all vehicles and types
Amazing device to bleed your brakes or clutch quickly and with no the need of a helper. Just join the hose to the bleed screw, pump to create a vacuum, crack the bleed screw and the fluid is caught in the supplied container 
contents: Gauge scale
two Vacuum hoses
2pc Tapered hose adapters
1pc T hose connector
1pc Straight hose connector
3pc Brake bleeder valve adapters
1pc CZPT cup adaptor
1pc 4 OZ. Reservoir jar
2pc Jar lids
All the contents packed in a blow molded situation.

  This vacuum pump can be used for a variety of automotive testing and prognosis tasks. Examples are shown under:
one Motor CZPT screening. This kind of as tests of engine vacuum,testing consumption and exhaust valvs,tests manifolds and manifold gaskets for leaks etc.,air/gasoline combination,cylinder leakage,turbocharger watergate,and mechanical and electric vacuum pumps.
2 Screening of vacuum-operated mechanical parts,which includes transmission modulators. Heater and air conditioner doorways, cruise management modulators,headlight doors and many others.
three Gas method screening,this sort of as gas tank tests,and screening of gasoline lines,pumps,and pressure regulators.
4 Ignition system tests,these kinds of as distributor CZPT mechanisms,spark delay valve screening,vacuum hold off valve screening and so on.
five Emission management system tests,these kinds of as EGR valves,PCV valves,ported vacuum switches,thermostatic air cleaners,exhaust warmth manage or heat riser valves,again strain transducer valves etc.


Radial blowers are developed for large conveying volumes. The customer’s quantity movement demands can be specifically altered by implies of a frequency converter integrated into the motor. Radial blowers use quick and non-contact rotating impellers, producing them wear and routine maintenance-cost-free.
china price 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump Check Tuner Device Package companies

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