china price 300bar 4500psi Black Hand-Held Air Pump High Pressure Pcp Hand Held Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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300Bar 4500psi Black Hand-held air pump CZPT Stress pcp hand held vacuum pump

Aggressive rates—–Manufacturing facility to the retailer, with out any distributors
·  Quickly supply——   In inventory regional warehouse
·  Top quality & CZPT tity—— Mass production,CNC process
·  Door-to-door support—— The seller is dependable for CZPT s clearance management
·  Life span guarantee—— Free of charge authentic restore spare areas offered to return.


Product Name:

hand pump

Manufacturer Title:

pcp pump




Piston Pump




Air Pump

Max stress:

4500 Psi




Higher Pressure,300bar


High Efficiency


stainless steel




Reciprocating pump


one yr



Leak detection required after installation of new pump:

Screening: Use the plug and pluging the pipe to inflate to twenty mpa

when assembled notice the pressure gague after 10s to drop,-do not fall is not leaking, If leaking, then make the pump into water, observe the location of leaking.

Silicone oil and water cooled liquid factors:

The air pump does not contain silicone oil, For air shipping sercu-rity causes, oil can be obtained from local store , oil adding need to suitable, if also a lot it is effortless to plug 1-way valve water cooled liquid has been additional, amongst 2 and 3 levels phase situation, do not want insert.

Lower strain on the vent when force down:

The running theory of the pump: pulling up the CZPT -degree system, to the tertiary technique force, the primary method ingestion. Due to the fact the outlet is not related to the container, the CZPT stage system pressure discharged immediately through the 3rd technique, so the air vent quantity is very small, it is ok.

1. Refueling

New pump, urgent after 8001500eS need to have refueling as soon as. A single place 3 drops of oil, insert oil urgent 50 moments, drain excessive oil and water.

two. Female connector set up

Feminine connector need to be appropriately set up, in any other case, it is effortless to jam

three. Stress aid

The air strain need to be vented, When not in use, try to keep the pump in the strain-free state. CZPT cannot bend in excess of, never crash strain gauge.

4.H2o CZPT Theory Description

The drinking water of the air-cooled barrel is between the CZPT ary and tertiary tubes. The drinking water has previously been included. Sealed within, no want to incorporate. h2o-cooled conduction heat, not refrigeration. Fever is normal, indicating that heat is discharged to carry on functioning.

1. One particular-way clearance

When utilized upward pull hefty, pressure gauge price rises when downward strain. The force gauge decreases when the hand is loosened. This signifies that the one particular-way valve has sewage, or has been destroyed. Answer: Verify whether or not the valve sludge way too a lot, if a serious rebound phenomenon, is a one particular-way valve to seem oily, or a single-way valve injury. You require to clear up the one-way valve, Change the valve seal ring or spring

2. Air Consumption Clearance

Air pressure when the pump is inflated, press the hand when the vent, pulling out when not breathing. Explanation: There are overseas bodies in the little holes in the center of the hand. The consumption ball cannot be returned to the sealing place. Resolution: Disassemble the pump, eliminate the a few-phase pole fixation bolt,

eliminate the air ingestion ball, clean the tiny holes and the ball. If the ball is damaged, substitute it and set up it again.

3. Pressure gauge harm

Pressure gauge does not return to zero: Cause: Excess oil is not cleaned. About20mpa oil and fuel make inflammation, stress quickly reaches 40mpa, strain gauge exceeds load and then hurt. Or the force gauge gets a severe shock causing a shift in the pointer, which requires replacing the force gauge.


A: The solution guarantee time is 1 year, if exceed 1 12 months warranty time, we will cost a specified component price price.

B: The guarantee when the repair sent to the appropriate packing, if the transport process misplaced injury, we are irresponsible.

C: During free of charge maintenance, if the pursuing issues take place, we have the appropriate to refuse services or cost related material expenses, services payment:

one. Poor use of the operation triggered item hurt or product failure.

2. Arbitrarily disassemble the pump.3. Not the company’s merchandise.

D: Ahead of setting up the use of CZPT items, you should read CZPT brochure very carefully.

E : In the course of warranty time, parts cost-free charge, customers pays hipping charge.

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china price 300bar 4500psi Black Hand-Held Air Pump High Pressure Pcp Hand Held Vacuum Pump manufacturers

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