china sales Circulating Water Type Multi Purpose Vacuum Pump for Rotary Evaporator manufacturers

Item Description

Circulating H2o Kind Multi Objective Vacuum Pump for Rotary Evaporator

Operate and goal
This merchandise is a new type of multi-goal vacuum pump created with circulating drinking water as the working fluid and employing the basic principle of unfavorable pressure generated by radiation. It supplies vacuum problems for chemical laboratories and can supply circulating cooling water to the reaction unit.

It is extensively utilized in evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, decompression, sublimation and other operations. It is an best tools for laboratories in the fields of universities, schools, medicine and chemical sector, and food processing.
1. Clear h2o conserving result. Owing to the drinking water cycle procedure, the water included to the h2o tank can be recycled, which overcomes the phenomenon of a big volume of waste of drinking water when vacuum is acquired by right flushing tap drinking water. In accordance to true measurement and steady procedure for a single functioning working day, the item can save more than 10 tons of h2o underneath the same vacuum problem. In addition, it can be utilised for a CZPT time by incorporating drinking water at a time. This is in the laboratory in which the h2o supply is lacking or the h2o stress is insufficient. Specifically applicable.
two. Multifunctional and thorough perform. In addition to offering vacuum circumstances, this machine can also have out external circulation functions at the exact same time to provide circulating cooling drinking water for the reaction unit. This machine is related with the tap water supply, and by supplementing the h2o source appropriately, the temperature and h2o top quality of the vacuum circulating h2o can be held unchanged under the problem of ongoing procedure for a CZPT time, which can ensure the reduction of vacuum degree and comprehend the offer of circulating cooling drinking water.
3. The shape is novel and effortless to use. The pump head of this equipment straight penetrates the water, the whole machine is lower in peak, small in measurement, light-weight in excess weight, simple to shift, and can be placed on the workbench for easy procedure and observation. The higher include of the water tank is movable installation and can be opened for simple h2o filling and routine maintenance.
4. The device is outfitted with two exhaust nozzles, which can be employed for separate or simultaneous exhaust operations. Each and every suction nozzle is equipped with a vacuum gauge, which can effortlessly notice the vacuum diploma. A check out valve is installed on the suction pipe to avoid the circulating water from flowing back again to the vacuumed equipment when the vacuum operation stops unexpectedly.
5. Corrosion resistance and pollution-free. The h2o pump parts of this device are made of stainless steel, and the h2o tank is manufactured of Stomach muscles plastic. It is fashioned at a single time and is not influenced by corrosive substances such as acid and alkali. At the identical time, there is no air pollution to the laboratory this kind of as oil air pollution.
6. This machine operates stably and reliably with minimal sound.

Technical index
Vacuum diploma:  -.098Mpa (circulating drinking water temperature -25ºC)
Single nozzle suction rate:  10L/min
Pump displacement:  60L/min
H2o tank volume: 15L
Motor CZPT : 180W
Operating voltage: ~220V±10%, 50Hz
Sound: <45dB
Proportions: 400x285x420(mm)
Head :8 meters
Bodyweight: 15kg

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The screw vacuum pump is directly pushed by an integrated frequency converter without having the require for a push gear. The screw rotor rotates in the reverse direction with out get in touch with. The functioning chamber of the device is 100% oil-totally free. Integrated pace manage allows the vitality-optimized procedure of the gadget.
china sales Circulating Water Type Multi Purpose Vacuum Pump for Rotary Evaporator manufacturers

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