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Product Description

Roots Vacuum Pump VP electrical value h2o 2 stage h2o ring rotary vane ac liquid weighty obligation mini machines hvac high stress ac price car areas manufacturer

VP roots vacuum pump is in the fifty Torr-micron high vacuum range has a large pumping speed and minimal value of equipment, it can be combined with CZPT  vacuum pump consists of a vacuum device. KMBD roots vacuum pump with five point bearing design unique, sealing the five bit machine, sealing double sealing structure + mechanical seal for Teflon maze, can realize CZPT leakage, reduce servicing and repair of the link, ensure the roots pump and durable. Synchronous helical gear and mounted on the driving stop, both to ensure quiet and dependable operation, and can reduce the load of the rotor torque. Impeller and shaft integrally solid, can provide large dimensions shaft, impeller and reduce the risk of damage. All contact with the sealing surface of the shaft finish faces are polished to minimize use and reduce the danger of leakage, high temperature higher pressure casing, and double tank design and style, a variety of content selection, further to ensure that the use of the user in CZPT functioning problems. Normal software: chemical, petrochemical, plastics, semiconductors, wood mixture, food processing, vacuum furnace, vacuum booster program, vacuum drying, vacuum dewatering, vacuum packaging

Common Applications

Particular constructions operating concepts,suitable for operation in chemical industry,oil business,foods market,electrical utility sector,pharmacy industry,textile business and paper producing market,and many others. The other industries that require vacuum drying,concentration,distilling,dehydration and filtering also need to have the h2o-ring vacuum pump. It can be use as a backing pump of Roots Pump.

Technical specs

Model Capacity Ultimate Force Power speed
VP200 200 0.05 4 2900
VP600 600 0.05 7.five 2900


Characteristic Curves


Overall Proportions


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Radial blowers are designed for higher conveying volumes. The customer’s quantity circulation requirements can be precisely altered by means of a frequency converter integrated into the motor. Radial blowers use fast and non-make contact with rotating impellers, generating them put on and maintenance-totally free.
china sales Roots Vacuum Pump Vp Electric Value Water 2 Phase Drinking water Ring Rotary Vane AC Liquid Hefty Responsibility Mini Machines HVAC Substantial Stress AC Benefit Car Parts Maker manufacturers

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