China Supplier of Gear Pump Cbhb for Sale

China Supplier of Gear Pump Cbhb for Sale

China supplier of gear pump CBHB for sale

Overall performance character

★ The ongoing doing work stress is 200 bar.
★ Substantial power aluminum alloy housing with forged iron front include and rear cover.
★ Double lubrication environmental sliding bearing of symmetrical structur.
★ The relationship sort of input shaft contains flat key and rectangle spline.
★ The connection type of oil inlet and oil outlet has alternatives of thread and flange.
★ The automated compensation mechanism of axial clearance permits equipment pump to maintain a long-time high effectiveness operate.
★ High functioning pressure and extensive velocity range.
★ It can keep higher quantity effectiveness even at a gradual pace of 600rpm.


Product Nominal displacement     (ml/r)




Pace (r/min) Volumetric effectiveness



Rated. Max. Min. Rated. Max.
CBHB-F508-*F** eight two hundred










ninety three


CBHB-F510-*F** ten eleven.6
CBHB-F512.five-*F** 12.5
CBHB-F516-*F** sixteen 11.eight
CBHB-F520-*F** 20 12
CBHB-F525-*F** 25 12.2
CBHB-F528-*F** 28 twelve.3
CBHB-F532-*F** 32 12.five
CBHB-F540-*F** forty 12.8
CBHB-F545-*F** 45 thirteen
CBHB-F550-*F** fifty thirteen.two
CBHB-F563-*F** 63 13.8


China Supplier of Gear Pump Cbhb for Sale

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