china wholesaler Integrated Pump with Adjustable Vacuum Control Liquid Level Sensor Prevents Overflow Safevac Vacuum Aspiration System manufacturers

Merchandise Description

SAFEVAC Vacuum Aspiration Technique





The SAFEVAC Vacuum Aspiration Method is best for fast and safe aspiration of hazardous liquids

and their subsequent disposal. It is extensively used to aspirate media from mobile cultures, supernatants following centrifugation, and wash options from immunoassay plates, and so forth.



• Built-in pump with adjustable vacuum management

• Self-closing connectors for rapid set up and dismantling, prevention of drips, and containment of aerosols

• Liquid degree sensor prevents overflow

• CZPT clavable squander assortment bottle, tubing, and nozzles

• Durable, detachable handle for practical transportation of squander collection bottle

• Solitary-channel and multi-channel nozzles and other accent alternatives CZPT


Ordering Details


Catalogue No. Vacuum assortment Pump circulation fee Liquid aspiration fee

Proportions [W × D × H mm]

Bottle Volume 
01-270X – 600 (adjustable) 15L/min 17L/min 180 × 240 × 450 4L

1.What are the primary variables that influence the optimum centrifugal acceleration drive?
Use of organic options, temperature below 0°C, centrifuging with no centrifuge adapter, and so on. Perform a demo run to establish appropriate situations prior to any vital use starts.
The RCF (relative centrifugal power) or G scores for CZPT disposable centrifuge tubes have been established at room temperature utilizing tubes stuffed to nominal potential with drinking water and centrifuging for thirty minutes. advised CZPT s, adapters, and cushions that totally help the tubes. If an angle head rotor is utilized or proper assistance is not offered, G values will be lower.
Do not confuse velocity or revolutions for every moment (RPM) with relative centrifugal power (RCF). Guidelines for centrifuging a sample at a given RPM and time are incomplete until the rotor or radius is specified. Protocols need to always state the time and RCF price for centrifuging a sample.
two.What are autoclaving tips of plastics?
To guarantee productive steam sterilization of your plastic labware please adhere to the following tips: You should Observe THAT NOT ALL Goods ARE CZPT CLAVABLE. CZPT clave plastic consumables at 121°C and 15psi/1 atm for 15 minutes. Do not use a dry cycle, as this may possibly lead to deformation or weakening of the plastic. Permit temperature in the autoclave to return to 80°C or underneath prior to removing products.
3.What are Biologix’s Commitments to Top quality?
We seem at quality from each and every angle in phrases of features, security, purity, formulation, regularity, production, CZPT er provider, complex support, and significantly more. In accordance to the detailed QA/QC methods for CZPT producing facility, each and each and every solution is traceable by great deal, regardless of packaging structure. Merchandise have to go by way of a five-stage human inspection prior to becoming unveiled for packaging. Biologix applies the most stringent standards to certify that items are cost-free from RNase, DNase, endotoxin (pyrogens), and many others. In addition to getting ISO 9001:2008, CE compliant, we also make CZPT to CZPT CZPT ers great deal-specific certificates this sort of as Sterilization Certificates, Nuclease Totally free Certificates, Certificates of Origin, and so forth. 


The claw vacuum pump is 100% oil and operates without make contact with. For this objective, the claw rotor rotates in the opposite path within the compression chamber with out getting in touch with the housing. Undertake claw technologies, high performance, and reduced consumption.
china wholesaler Integrated Pump with Adjustable Vacuum Control Liquid Level Sensor Prevents Overflow Safevac Vacuum Aspiration System manufacturers

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