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Product Description

Milk Piston Vacuum Pump (GJB8000-25)

Pressure through an adjustable present-limiting gap method, the formation of reduction of stress enlargement, explosion, shear, combined result of large-velocity collision, the particles and liquid droplets shatter into very modest size, even though generating an best solution or dispersion of emulsion.  Item steadiness, consistency, combined, and effortless absorption, nutritional benefit, shelf daily life, flavor, coloration, stability activities are recognized in the homogeneous method.
It is commonly utilised in meals, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical substances and bio-technologies and other fields of creation, scientific research and technological development.
1)For milk,soybean milk,could make fat globule slender observably,make it straightforward to assimilate.It is good to boost the edible benefit.
two)For ice cream,make the liquid good and loosen and increase internal good quality.
three)For emulsion,colloid,juice,serosity,could keep away from and lessen the divided layers of liquid materials,improve the look of liquid content,and make it similar coloury liquid.
four)As transportation pump usage
It will appear into higher force by CZPT machine.Powder will be manufactured by dryness tools.Our machine is crucial approach of manufactorying powder.
This device are characteristics with great design and style,convenient operation and easy maintenance,and safety.
one)Minimal sound:Noise of transmission is reduced than sounds of motor. The pointer of pressure meter is steady, and also the range of swing of pointer is much less than 2M Pa.
2)Smashing granularity is between .1 micron to .2 micron, and their regular size≤1 micron.
three)Sealing content can operate beneath much less than 150ºC, and the areas touching substance is produced of stainless metal which can keep up to the acid and alkali. All of valves and plungers are made of special materials, so they are tough and inexpensive. The bearing is also durable because it is created of particular alloy material, which is the much more friction, the a lot more hardness.
four)Lubrication of  homogenizers is credible, and it only require shifting oil the 1st time when operate 800 several hours to a thousand hrs, given that then it need to be altered oil for each year later on
5)The greater the pressure the finer the material the a lot more uniform particle measurement, 30MPA the pursuing models, mainly for liquid – liquid emulsification. Force of 30MPA previously mentioned, on the liquid – sound dispersion of liquid into engage in when the strain most of the content up to 60MPA get to 2μm particle size much less than when the content reaches 80MPA more evident when the position is mainly utilised for ultrafine particles damaged CZPT to obtain the pursuing basic 1μm. As to 100MPA previously mentioned, can be produced much more refined particles, some of the material particles after recurring higher force homogenization, .1-.5μm can be well prepared the following no-grain materials.
twelve months
Product Requirements

Name Big homogenizer
kind GJB8000-25
Rated circulation(l/h) 8000
Rated force(MPa) twenty five
Doing work stress(MPa) -twenty
Bodyweight ( kg) 2550
Dimensions (cm) 250X120X110
Electricity (Kw) 65

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china wholesaler Milk Piston Vacuum Pump (GJB8000-25) manufacturers

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