Diesel Movable Irrigation Water Pump with Trailer

Diesel Movable Irrigation Water Pump with Trailer

Diesel movable irrigation h2o pump with trailer

Description: QS, QSH collection pump a single of the primary figures is large circulation fee. It can get to 110m3/h-10000m3/h. The pump framework easy, effortless for procedure and routine maintenance. It is suitable for pure h2o or liquids similar to drinking water in physico-chemical house. We can use stainless metal substance for the corrosion liquids. This design is widely employed in agriculture irrigation, fire combating, steel, electrical power sector. The pump head range 6-145m, it can be used in collection when high head. Tiny quantity of particles <10mm can pass through. 
one) Easy installation and transfer, open up back again composition makes it effortless to consider out the rotor
two) Pump human body help by anchor assure the stable structure and optimum resistance off-centre and distortion caused by line load
3) No overload layout, make certain overall performance function stably
4) Undertake nationwide CZPT hydraulic product make certain substantial operation efficiency and good anti-cavitation performance
5) Packing seal and mechanical seal are accessible.   

Diesel motor h2o pump specification

Kind Potential
QS150 112-220 35-eighty four 2900 30-fifty five sixty eight-eighty
QS200 one hundred sixty-351 31-100 2900 37-one hundred ten sixty one-eighty five
QS250 324-612 eight.six-sixty five.1 1450 22-132 72-86
QS300 504-1663 eight.seven-a hundred and forty 1450-1470 22-680 70-87
QS350 745-1570 ten-one hundred twenty five 1450-1470 55-630 70-88
QS400 900-1620 32-eighty five.five 980-1480 440-500 71.five-84
QS500 1150-3800 10.6-108 740-970 110-800 70-89
QS600 2300-4000 thirteen-eighty 730-970 145-730 70-ninety one
QS700 2111-4896 39.5-99.five 742-980 397-1252 fifty two-ninety two
QS800 3960-688 23-84 600-750 450-1600 77-ninety two
QS1000 6600-9900 32-fifty two 600 1250 seventy nine-88
QS1200 5832-14400 six-95.7 500-745 710-3450 eighty-90

Element overall performance and technological info please ship electronic mail beneath for far more!
What is the Applications?
Agriculture water offer
Agriculture irrigation water feed
Circulating Drinking water Systems
Fire Combating
Paper Mills
Ports & Docks
Sugar Mills
Vegetable Oil Mills
H2o / Effluent Treatment
Sea/river H2o delivery 


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
Sure, we have been in centrifugal pumps production and advertising and marketing business in excess of 32 many years.
Q2. What markets do your pumps export to?
CZPTe, North & South CZPTica, South-CZPT Asia, Africa, CZPTica, Middle CZPT countries. Our abroad agent in Italy, Russia, CZPTica and Africa are slowly enhancing.
Q3. What data should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
Make sure you allow us know the pump potential, head, medium, procedure circumstance, quantity, and many others. As considerably as your supply, the precision and accurate model variety.
This autumn. Is it available to print our personal manufacturer on the pump?
Totally appropriate as intercontinental policies.
Q5. How can I get the value of your pump?
You can join with us via any of the pursuing speak to information. Our customized support individual will answer you inside 24 hrs.

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Lilly Solar (Income Supervisor   

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Diesel Movable Irrigation Water Pump with Trailer


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