Extruder of Jacket Pipe for Pre-Insulated Pipe Ppu by Vacuum Calibrating

Extruder of Jacket Pipe for Pre-Insulated Pipe Ppu by Vacuum Calibrating

Extruder of jacket pipe for pre-insulated pipe by vacuum calibrating

It is large-effectiveness products with higher speed and energy saving for making HDPE pipe employed as protective go over of  PU foam thermal Pre-insulated Pipe.
It is little in measurement, easy to function with the automated manage program, and has a long services daily life.

Generation line composition:
-1set   Vacuum loader 
-1set   Hopper dryer
-1set   High-efficiency solitary screw extruder
-1set   Vacuum calibration table 
-1set   Water spraying tank 
-1set   Hauling device
-1set   Slicing device
-1set   Stacker

—Pipe Use: the outer casing of thermal insulating pipe, which is commonly utilised in central heating, oil, gas and other industrial regions.
—Pipe/jacket diameter range: 110-1680mm

CZPT Advantages
—Large-performance extruder gives larger output, steady overall performance.
—Pipe wall is regular and clean, to lessen squander of uncooked materials, and pipe thickness is adjustable.
—No need to have trim edge, when forming.
—Substantial degree of automation, can be operated by one particular particular person, saving labor charges.

Type PE-one hundred ten/600 PE-365/760 PE-655/1380 PE-960/1680 PE-1054/1860
Principal Extruder SJ-seventy five/33 SJ-ninety/33 SJ-a hundred and twenty/33 SJ-one hundred fifty/33 SJ-a hundred and fifty/33
Pipe diameter Φ110-600mm Φ365-760m Φ655-1380mm Φ960-1680mm Φ1054-1860mm
Ability 250-350kg/h 400-500kg/h seven hundred-900kg/h 1000-1200kg/h one thousand-1250kg/h
Mounted electricity 160kw 240kw 480kw 580kw 580kw
Duration 30m 32m 36m 40m 45m

one.Higher-performance one screw extruder
—Solitary screw is with barrier & mixing head new model barrel with slotting (channel), Equally make the safety of very good jellification, huge output and stable overall performance.

 2. Die-Head
Die-head is mostly composed of mandril, neck mildew, spiral physique, protect, die-head human body, bolts, and heating rings.
The inside of surface area touching with plastic resources is polished and chrome plated to ensure plastic materials flow smoothly and to guarantee no rusting. The uniformity of pipe wall thickness can be altered by bolts. The copper calibrating sleeve mounted in die-head is primarily employed to great down the fresh pipe and to calibrate the pipe outer diameter.

three. Vacuum Calibration Tank
Vacuum calibration tank is mostly composed of a body, stainless steel tank, vacuum system, spray cooling technique, situation adjustment device. The vacuum pump exhausts the air from the sealed tank to pressurize the clean pipe cling to calibrating copper sleeve and to calibrate the outer diameter.  Spray nozzles spray cooling water from all directions on the pipe surface area to great down the pipe promptly.

four. Caterpillar Haul-off CZPT
The haul-off device is mainly composed of a driving device, caterpillar, clamping structure, changing technique, side plate, and foundation bed. Haul-off caterpillars are driven by AC motor with frequency conversion control to adapt to different extrusion speed.
The automated duration measuring gadget realizes cutting at a established size.

5.  No-Dust Planetary Cutter
It adopts the blade punching principle to realize no-dust reducing. It is mainly composed of slicing units, clamping gadgets, structure synchronous movement gadget and frames.

six.Control system
The comprehensive line could be managed by PLC, with a good human-machine interface, all specialized parameters could be set and indicated by touching the display screen. The controlling technique can be designed in accordance to customers’ requirements. 


Extruder of Jacket Pipe for Pre-Insulated Pipe Ppu by Vacuum Calibrating


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