Fzg Series Vacuum Dryer Machine

Fzg Series Vacuum Dryer Machine

SULI drying equipment specializes in the production of vacuum dryers for FZG CZPT Vacuum Dryer.

Working theory

In vacuum drying, the dry supplies are placed in vacuum to be heated for drying, and the vacuum pump extracts air and dehumidifies to make the operate chamber in a vacuum state, in the in the meantime, the dampness volatilized from the supplies is extracted by the vacuum pump, to substantially expedite drying price of materials and save strength. The condenser (if adopted) can get better the solvent in the resources. The gear is relevant to cold drying of heat-sensitive components that are prone to decompose, polymerize or deteriorate at large temperature, and is thoroughly utilized in this kind of industries as pharmacy, chemical engineering foodstuff, electronics, and so forth.

Vacuum Dryer Overall performance characteristics
  substance resolution under vacuum boiling point reduce. Increases the heat transfer driving drive of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer location of the evaporator can be saved for a specific quantity of warmth transfer. 
  The warmth resource for evaporation procedure can be lower-force steam or waste heat steam. 
  The evaporator has small warmth decline. 
  It can be disinfected ahead of drying. No impurities are contaminated in the drying procedure. It fulfills GMP specifications. 
  belongs to static vacuum dryer. Therefore, the condition of the dried material will not be damaged.

Adaptable materials are ideal for the low-temperature drying of heat-delicate materials that are effortlessly decomposed, polymerized, and degraded at large temperatures they are commonly employed in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and electronics industries.

   Structural schematic 

technical specifications

Name/Technical specs YZG-600 YZG-800 YZG-a thousand YZG-1400A
Drying box dimension Ф600×976 Ф800×1247 Ф1000×1527 Ф1400×2054
Drying box outside the house dimension 1135×810×1571 1700×1045×1335 1693×1190×150 2386×1675×1920
Bake layer variety 4 four six eight
Distance among layers eighty two eighty two 102 102
Drying tray measurement 310×600×45 520×410×45 520×410×45 460×640×45
Number of baking plates 4 eight twelve 32
Drying tube strain ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784
Bake rack use temperature 35-one hundred fifty 35-a hundred and fifty 35-a hundred and fifty 35-a hundred and fifty
Empty vacuum in the box -.09 to .096
Gasification rate of water at -.1MPa and heating temperature 110 o C seven.2 7.two 7.2 seven.two
When employing a condenser, vacuum pump model, electricity 2X-15A / 2KW 2X-30A / 3KW 2X-30A / 3KW 2X-70A / five.5KW
With no the condenser, vacuum pump design, electrical power SK-.eight /two.2KW SK-two.7 / 4KW SK-three /5.5KW SK-6 / 11KW
Drying box bodyweight 250 600 800 1400

Note: The water ring vacuum pump is employed in conjunction with supercharging to improve the vacuum.
Buying Info
  When buying, make sure you choose an proper vacuum dryer in accordance to variables this kind of as the initial moisture material of the dried materials, the closing dampness articles, the temperature, the vacuum diploma, the drying volume, and the drying time. The exact same kind of vacuum drying machine there are steam, hot water, oil, electrically heated heating four kinds. For illustration, in get to improve the volume of drying can be appropriate to boost the variety of drying rack please instantly to our manufacturing unit. 
  The components in the vacuum drying technique talked about in the user’s guide can be offered and put in for end users. Please specify when buying. 
 The business can supply design and style, manufacture and set up of special specifications in the vacuum drying method proposed by users. 
 The firm’s tools implements top quality assurance for consumers. All add-ons, lengthy-term offer, remember to rest assured customers.


Fzg Series Vacuum Dryer Machine

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