Gear Oil Pump

Gear Oil Pump


It applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating-lil or equal liquid without reliable pareicles and fibres at temperature bilow 80ºC and with the viscosity of 5× 10-6~one.5× 10-3m2/S(five-1500cSt).

Applacation Scope:

It can give efficiency as transferpump or booster pump in oil delivery system. It can be also utilized as a gasoline pump for dilivery technique, pressurization and injection in fuel offer technique and in all industry fields as lubricating pump.

Structure Functions:

KCB collection equipment pumps are mainly composed of gears, axles pump entire body, pump, cap protection valve and axle-conclude seals and so forth. The heattreated gears have the edge of higher hardness and depth, and rotate with the axles inside the replaceable bearing sleeves. All of pump’s parts can be lubricated by delivered medium when working.

The pump is effectively created with leakage and return chute, which allows the gears bear the the very least torque force and reduces load and use on bearings bear the minimum torque power and decreases load and wear on bearings in buy to raise pump’s efficiency.

It is also created with safty valve for defense from overload. The total return movement pressure of the protection valve is one.5times greater than the rated exhaust pressure of the pump. It can be also modified inside of the allowance of exhaust stress variety in accordance to circumstances. But you should observe the safty valve can’t be applied as stress-lowering valve for lengthy time. You might set up strain-decreasing valve separately on pipe-line if necessary.

Ability Q Speed
η %
m 3 /h L/min Electrical power
KCB-eighteen.3 18.3 1400 one.forty five 5 44 one.five Y90L-four
KCB-33.3 2 33.3 1420 1.45 5 forty four 2.2 Y100L1-4
KCB-fifty five 3.three 55 1400 .33 7 forty one one.five Y90L-four
KCB-83.3 five 83.3 1420 .33 seven forty three two.two Y100L1-four
KCB-135 eight one hundred thirty five 940 .33 5 46 two.two Y112M-6
KCB-two hundred twelve two hundred 1440 .33 five 46 four Y112M-4
KCB-300 eighteen three hundred 960 .36 five forty two 5.5 Y132M2-6
KCB-483.3 29 483.three 1440 .36 5.five forty two 11 Y160M-4
KCB-633 38 633 970 .28 six 43 eleven Y160L-six
KCB-960 fifty eight 960 1470 .28 6.5 forty three 18.five Y180M-four
KCB-1200 seventy two 1200 740 .6 7 43 37 Y280S-8
KCB-1600 95 1600 980 forty five Y280S-six
KCB-1800 112 1800 740 .six 7.five forty three 55 Y315S-8
KCB-2500 one hundred fifty 2500 985 seventy five Y315S-six
KCB-2850 one hundred seventy 2850 740 .six 8 44 90 Y315L1-8
KCB-3800 230 3800 989 110 Y315L1-six
KCB-4100 245 4100 743 .6 8 44 132 Y355M1-eight
KCB-5400 325 5400 989 a hundred and sixty Y355M1-six
KCB-5600 330 5600 744 .six eight 44 a hundred and sixty Y355M2-8
KCB-7600 460 7600 989 two hundred Y355M3-6
KCB-7000 420 7000 744 .6 8 44 185 Y355L1-8
KCB-9600 570 9600 989 250 Y355L2-6


Gear Oil Pump

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