Good Quality Model: AH170 1000-1400 Bar Air Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump for Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder

Good Quality Model: AH170 1000-1400 Bar Air Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump for Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder

Very good quality  CZPT Product :AH170 type  160mm pushed middle size  air 

hydraulic force test pump for hose /pipe/tube/cylinder 

CZPT Info for Air pushed liquid pumps


CZPT air pushed liquid  pumps are ratio devices that use reduced force compressed


air driving a more substantial diameter piston (area x force) which is linearly related to a smaller


hydraulic piston/plunger. Making use of this ratio principal, a increased hydraulic strain can be created.


CZPT Pump model figures mirror the pumps nominal strain ratio, even though the technological data 


indicates exact ratios.  The outlet stall pressure is easy to set by modifying the air generate pressure


by means of a easy air pressure regulator. 


By multiplying the pressure ratio by the accessible store


air pressure, the nominal liquid pressure can be calculated.


Exmple ( Pump Design: AH40 liquid pump)


Air generate piston area ( 160mm Ø)


CZPT plunger area ( 25 mm Ø)


Genuine ratio = forty:1

1.  AIR Generate Area


The air travel section is made up of a gentle weight piston comprehensive with seals managing inside an


aluminum barrel. The diameter of the air piston is 80mm. When compressed air is supplied to


the pump the air pushes the air piston down on a compression stroke


( forces fluid out of the liquid finish).


 Under the control of pilot pins (poppet valve) activated at each end of the stroke


2. CZPT Part (Wetted End)


The hydraulic area of an air driven liquid pump consists of four principal parts, the hydraulic physique,


the piston/plunger, the check valves and the major high strain seal. The hydraulic


piston/plunger is  directly joined to the air piston and it is housed within the hydraulic entire body and


its movement up and down generates the liquid circulation into and out of the pump by means of the examine


valves. The verify valves are spring loaded and on the suction stroke the inlet examine valve


 opens to the greatest making it possible for fluid into the hydraulic human body and on the compression stroke the


inlet examine valve closes and the discharge check valve opens forcing the pumped fluid into the


method. The main high force seal is situated within the hydraulic human body and the piston/plunger seals


against this throughout operation. There are different resources and styles of higher force seals


relying on the fluid being pumped and the highest pressures of the pump, nonetheless the


CZPT seals are suitable for the two h2o and hydraulic fluid use.


CZPT air driven liquid pumps are self-priming, Nevertheless, higher ratio pumps are more difficult to


Prime and may require bleeding. In standard, it is not suggested to use an air- line lubricator.


CZPT  air pushed liquid pumps cycle automatically  as the outlet pressure increases the


resistance  also boosts and the cycle price decreases until the pump stops routinely


when the output  pressure forces are equivalent. This is referred to as the stall situation.


The pump will restart with a slight drop in the outlet stress or an increase in the air travel


force. Pump overall performance can be impacted by a quantity of conditions, this kind of as freezing of the


exhaust muffler or pilot valves (which is brought on by humidity in air lines), inadequate inlet air-line


sizes and soiled filers. When working the pumps on a continuous basis, we advocate you use


a maximum cycle price of 50~60 cycles for each minute.


This will the two increase service intervals and assist in preventing ice forming


at the exhaust. An air source dryer will also support in reducing icing up.


To get best total performance, it is advised not to lessen the indicated port measurements


and consult We for flow situations not shown in charts.

Normal programs for air driven Liquid pumps

Important features

1 design offered in 8 ratios

Compatibility with a range of liquids

Protected pneumatic procedure

Aluminum bodies and wetted materials of carbon metal or stainless metal

Rugged,compact,trustworthy and simple maintenance proven design

Large good quality seals, long services life obtainable

No require for air line lubrication

Extensive application with big range of strain ratio

Primary technical data 

Normal specialized knowledge for pneumatic driven liquid pumps 

AH Middle dimension liquid pump 
CZPT data                                                      Base on seven bar air pushed pressure   1. M3/min air intake
Air pushed stress base on 7Bar
Design Piston/Rod diameterø(mm) Displacement for every stroke(mL) Liquid IN Liquid OUT Max force Bar foundation on eight.3Bar Liquid outlet (Bar)     1Bar=.1Mpa=one.019Kg/cm²
20 40 70 one hundred a hundred and fifty two hundred 300 400 500 600 seven hundred 900 1200 1700 2350
Flow rate    (L/min)
AH02 a hundred 471.24 NPT3/four” NPT3/4″ 20.7 fifty six.fifty five                            
AH04 eighty 402.12 NPT3/four” NPT3/4″ 33.2 forty eight.twenty five sixteen.08                            
AH07 sixty three 249.38 NPT3/four” NPT3/four” 49.6 29.ninety three nine.ninety eight 4.ninety nine                          
AH10 50 157.08 NPT3/4″ NPT3/4″ 83 18.eighty five 12.57 9.42                        
AH16 40 one hundred.fifty three NPT3/4″ NPT3/4″ 132.eight twelve.06 9.05 7.04 six.03 4.02                      
AH20 35 76.ninety seven NPT3/four” NPT3/four” 166 9.24 six.ninety three six.16 5.39                    
AH28 thirty 56.fifty five NPT1/2″ NPT1/two” 232.four six.seventy nine five.66 5.09 4.fifty two 3.ninety six three.39                  
AH40 25 39.27 NPT1/2″ NPT1/two” 332 4.71 three.93 three.53 3.14 two.75 two.36 1.96                
AH64 twenty 25.thirteen NPT3/8″ NPT3/eight” 498 3.02 two.fifty one two.26 2.01 1.76 one.fifty one 1.26 one.01 .75              
AH80 eighteen 20.36 NPT3/eight” NPT3/8″ 664 2.44 2.04 1.eighty three 1.63 one.forty three 1.22 one.02 .eighty one .seventy one .61            
AH100 16 16.08 NPT3/8″ NPT3/eight” 830 1.93 1.77 one.sixty one one.fifty three one.37 1.21 .96 .eight .sixty four .56 .48        
AH130 14 twelve.32 NPT3/8″ NPT3/eight” 1079 1.forty eight 1.42 1.36 one.23 1.eleven .99 .86 .74 .62 .49 .forty three .37 .12      
AH170 twelve 6.seventy nine NPT3/8″ NPT3/8″ 1411 .81 .78 .seventy five .seventy one .sixty eight .61 .54 .48 .41 .34 .27 .24 .two .07    
AH240 ten 4.71 NPT3/eight” NPT1/4″ 1992 .57 .54 .52 .49 .47 .42 .38 .33 .28 .24 .19 .sixteen .14 .twelve .09  
AH300 9 three.82 NPT1/4″ *HF4 2490 .forty six .44 .44 .42 .four .38 .34 .31 .27 .23 .19 .17 .fifteen .17 .1  
AH400 eight 3.02 NPT1/four” *HF4 3320 .36 .35 .35 .33 .32 .3 .27 .24 .21 .eighteen .fifteen .fourteen .twelve .eleven .eleven .08

Remark one) Maxium outlet strain are at an air driven strain of 8 bar or 116 PSI ,for lengthy existence employing

of such pump ,we suggest that air pushed pressure ought to be not far more than 8 Bar 

Common diagram of such air pushed liquid pumps 


Item Applications 


Manufacturing unit corners 


Good Quality Model: AH170 1000-1400 Bar Air Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump for Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder

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