High Quality PVC Plastic Pipe Belling Machine

High Quality PVC Plastic Pipe Belling Machine

Higher CZPT PVC CZPT Pipe Belling CZPT

Product Description

PVC pipe extrusion line is largely used in the manufacture of plastic PVC pipe with different diameters and wall thickness utilized in the industries such as agricultural and constructioal plumbing.cable laying and so forth.This line is composed of conical twin screw extruder.cacuum calibration tabk.haul-off.cutterandstakeetc.The extruder and haul-off adopt imported AC frequency handle gadget,vacuum pump and haul-off motors undertake substantial-quality products.The haul-off strategies are two-claw,4-claw,six-claw,eight-claw.ten-claw,tweleve-clawetc.You could pick observed blade slicing variety or planetary cutting type.It is additionally attached with length counter and intensifying system.This line is of reliable performance and large creation efficiency.Our organization can also manufacture special pipe generation lines,eg.Spiral silencing pipe and main foaming pipe in accordance to your specifications.

CZPT Parameters

1. Host machine:

No. merchandise. CZPT parameter:
1. Design:     SGK250
three. Length of belling 4~6mm(PVC pipe)
5. Method of heating CZPT heating tubular electric heating rotary heating
six. CZPT oil pump power:   two.2kw
7. Method of cooling By air
8. CZPT fan:   1.5kw
nine. Total power:  15kw
10. Heating tube of mill furnace 15kw
eleven. Max hot air temperature: 200ºC
twelve. CZPT oil: 46# wear resistance hydraulic oil 
13. Max Compressed air pressure:  .4Mpa
fourteen. Water supply pressure: .2~.3Mpa
fifteen. Rolling tube motor power: .75kw
16. CZPT hauling off motor: .75kw
17. Lift motor power: 1.5kw
eighteen. Axis height:  1000mm
19. dimension 5600*1600*2300mm

two. CZPT:

1. Forming mode swelling inside, and vacuum calibration.
two. material of the module 3Gr13, hardening, and tempering
three. Sliding plate 40Gr, nitriding
4. Type of belling “U”
2. Application range:     63-250mm for PVC pipe

Our Services
1. One year guarantee for whole machine
two.24 hours technical support 
3. Our engineers can provide service overseas. The service is free, but the charge of round air-tickets, food and hotel is to the customer’s account.
four. After a calendar year, we can instruct you how to keep the device, and spare elements are offered with the best cost.
5. We also can give coaching services which support operators manage the machine nicely.


High Quality PVC Plastic Pipe Belling Machine

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